Friday, October 12, 2007

Nice Smile!

Part I
The "Nice Matters Award"

Verilion at A Wanderer in Paris and Jeni at The Passionate Palate have gifted me with this mischievous cheshire cat Nice Award. Thank you Jeni & Verilion! I like it very much, as I tend to be a good blend of nice and mischievous myself. Balance is important, you know. If you look closely at the picture, there's mischief in the cats eyes and smile, and a snake wrapped up in the cats tail around that tree trunk. Someone else will have to explain the umbrella to me, but I like the way it looks, and I'd walk down the street under it, if there was rain.

I shall pass this award on to a few of those who I believe to be well balanced in both Niceness and Mischief.

La Cubana Gringa ~ one of the funniest and most honest writers I have ever had the sheer delight and thrill to read. A lady, a doctor, a lover of cheese and a Brit, a San Francisco girl, a lightening sharp wit, and a brain that doesn't stop. Betcha can't read just one post.... oh, and fair warning: NO CONSUMPTION OF LIQUID OR FOOD WHILE READING HER BLOG; there's a real good chance that there will be no controlling it.

Ally at Tangerine Zest ~ Formerly of Crazy Dust in my Coffee fame, this woman is absolutely worth every single minute spent on her blog. Sassy and sweet, strong and funny, wise and smart-Ally, this one always makes me laugh, makes me think, makes me smile. So glad to have you back, lady- you were missed. **Just now she's featuring a "Tell me something I don't know" contest.... definitely worth a look!

Loretta at Failed Painter ~ If you rolled all the women in "Steel Magnolias" into one woman, it would be this woman. She is a brilliant artist and writer, her heart is bigger than Australia, her mind is as deep and wide as the ocean around that country, and she never fails to reach me on many levels. What a diamond in the rough.

Molly at Molly Bawn Chronicles ~ Words to live by, places to see, life to laugh at, cry over and share as each day zips past us... it's all here. Molly is a woman who looks at the world in a way that opens windows and doors for everyone else, she is many things I admire in a truly good woman, from top to bottom. No one is perfect, and she doesn't pretend to be, but she's got a good grip on it all, and I learn a lot about who I am, who we all are, and where we could be from her.

Jules at Thinking About is another great California girl. Her blog is peppered with great humor, keen insight, family devotion and good introspect. Always interesting, current and insightful! Love this one.

Chesca at ExSkin Diver is a realistic, sassy, funny, sweet, oh so very thoughtful, devoted mother who is always right on the edge of everything and always takes my mind, heart and humor to new places. What an adventurous, cool, exciting and awesome lady!

Christina at Single City Chick is definitely in the right group here! Smart, deep, fun, definitely sassy and a lover of good words; this is one of those places I know I can find good book, a good laugh, and a good look at life. A girl who speaks Scarlettese in many ways, this is one not to miss!

Some Pink Flowers at Some Pink Flowers, a wanderer like me, who loves to travel and see and experience, and who has just been to a wonderful ball... she snaps photos of the coolest things, and takes us on delightful excursions to the most interesting places. LOVE visiting her page!

And the only gentleman to make this first list: Pawlie Kokonuts at The Laughorist - an irreverent, intelligent, very funny, word play genius baseball fanatic scamp. Got all that? It's not even close to everything, but what a fabulous playground for my brain, what a great place to visit... think and play. Sheer gold. He's also one of my favorites because he likes to slide Latin in here and there throughout his posts. Ex Nihilio. Love that!


Part II
The "You Make Me Smile Award"

Bonnie at Words from a Wordsmith was very kind and gracious and has bestowed this lovely smiley flower award on me. Thank you so much, Bonnie, that's very sweet!

Here's to some of those people who make me smile constantly!! No limits this time ~ I'm going to put my nose in the air and give this to as many people as I want. Humph! Time to bend the rules in half again ;o)

Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso
Irrelephant at Irrelephant
Kay at As It Happens
Jon at Writing in a Vacuum
Seamus at Shameless Words
Sarala at Blogaway
Diana at Piffle
Pearl at Humanyms
Jeni at The Passionate Palate
Rel at Under the Microscope
Kelly at My Utopia
Cleo at Confessions of Cleopantha
Caroline at Caroline Smailes/In Search of Adam

***And a very special and honorable mention to Neil at LAEvanesce who is a wonderful poet and very good writer, as well as the newest member of The Shameless Lions Writing Circle; for Neil and his lion Cheshire, Viaggiatore and I are very excited and proud to give both of these awards. We've been cheering him on and hoping that he could become a member, and it finally happened! Welcome to the circle, and congratulations!!***

And now... to play along with Moon Topples Phoctober, let's go for a walk to the park and see a statue called "Resistance". On the day that I went, I got a lovely surprise. There were glittery soft pink lipstick kisses all over the sculpture of this woman. All over her face, her back, her bottom, her arms, her breasts, her hands... everywhere. Lots of love. Perhaps if you click on the photos, the kisses will show up.


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Well, thanks much (gratia plena) for the wondrous plug.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the honorable mention and the compliment. It is much appreciated. Now I have to write something to justify it.

Neil said...

Oh my, a Cheshire award! Quite the coincidence, since I recently named my lion Cheshire =p

Congratulations on the awards ^^

exskindiver said...

you are too sweet!!!
thank you.
i shall decorate my blog with this and link to this post as well.


Wanderlust Scarlett said...


*big grins* Of course! You were a shoe in!


Whatever! Most of what you write justifies it, as do several of your photos! Love your words and art, lady. You are very good.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so excited that you are finally in the circle! Patience... they say it's a virtue.
Whatever, just glad you're finally part of the group!


YAY! I can't wait to come by and see it. You more than deserve this one.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Caroline said...

Thanks for making me smile, honey.

Unknown said...

I like that statue, she's a good sized woman there.

Unknown said...

Oh and according to Vanilla, it's you commenters who get the award, so you get another ( :

Jon M said...

Scarlett! You make me blush! Thanks for the award :-). I'll put away me pink lippy now!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Absolutely! My pleasure.


Yes! Isn't she? She looks healthy. Kind of sad and thoughtful, but healthy!

~more awards? I should have worn formal attire, this feels like a red carpet event! *giggle*


So YOU were the culprit? Ha ha ha... well good!
No more blush and lippy though, okay?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

The Passionate Palate said...

Oh Scarlett! Gracias, Thank you, Grazie, Merci, and every other way one can say it. Here's to spreading more smiles - like you do for us.

Great statue and kisses. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for both the awards.
You deserve nothing less!

I loved the photos too!

somepinkflowers said...

meow, meow, MEOW!
which--as everyone knows--
is cheshire-cat
thank you much, thoughtful one!

what a WAY cool looking award!
and i can see
how you came to have one!

the cool-catness of the honor
is that
my middle name happens to be
which--as everyone knows--
is french
i-wonder-how-she-is-going-to-get out-of-this-one,

something like that...


now i have to go explore all these new links you find
when out wanderlusting...
thanks ever so
carry on...

S. Kearney said...

I am even pinker than normal. And I love this sculpture. Very powerful. :-)

Irrelephant said...

Scarlett, you are a sweet angel. Thank you for the award! I'm going to post it with pride, and work harder than ever to earn your smiles. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the award and for the too-generous compliments!! I'm blog-blushing! ;) xx

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Aw shucks. You always know how to make a girl cyber-blush. I really need to do a post accepting some blog awards...I've fallen terribly behind, so I thank you for the (continued) inspiration :)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Ah, forgot to say how much I love that statue (and your photos of it, of course)! Self hugs are nice sometimes :)

Thanks so much for sharing!

Alaleh said...

nice sculpture but i wonder why "resistance" - from here it looks more like "self-protection" or "on the guard"..

Eastcoastdweller said...

Love the statue. However, the mad kisser must be aware that in Europe, someone just got convicted and fined for planting a kiss on a painting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm honored to accept this award because you had the good sense to add "mischief" to it!! If it was just all about being "nice" then I'd be hard pressed to say I deserved it.

Now I'm off to checkout all the other recipients of this award. You know everyone, don't you? This is great.

Unknown said...

Well you are very nice and mischievous and you do make me smile too! And now you've given me a whole lot of new blogs to take a peek at all of which sound fabulous!

And thanks for sharing those beautiful photos - what a stunning sculpture!

molly said...

Merci! But like Sarala I now have to live up to expectations,and I'm feeling particularly dull and uninteresting right now. Good thing you provided such a nice reading list, so that lacking inspiration, I can at least read scintillating stuff on other blogs!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


De nada! hee hee...
Glad you like it all.


Thanks! I'll come by to catch up on your poetry as soon as I can....


That IS what it means in French! HA! I knew it!
So... when you figure out how to get out of it, help a sister along and let me know, okay?
So far I've gotten a few 'getting out of it techniques' down, like smiling, pleading, pouting, begging, demanding and just plain old asking, but I never cry to get out of anything; that's just cheating.


But it is deserved, pink or blue or green or lavender. The sculpture is lovely, isn't it.


YAY! I have no doubt that you will succeed.

LC Gringa,

Your blog makes me blush, laugh, think, roll on the floor... just pure gold, honey, pure gold.


There was no way I could have given that one out without putting you right at the top of the list - you are quality stuff, lady.
And, you are busy... so get the awards up whenever you get them up!
I'm waiting for the birth announcements myself!


It looks like self protection to me too... but we can't see her eyes really - so who knows?


Convicted? For kissing art? Wow. Well, on a painting, I could see it. Especially if it was red lipstick... ha ha ha...
but on a sculpture (and this one is outdoors and hence is in rain/snow regularly), I'd be surprised if any action was taken.
BTW - just for the record; I do not ever wear pink lipstick, in case anyone was wondering.


I think your particular mix of nice and mischievous is a unique blend that is quite enjoyable on a regular basis.
I don't know everyone, but I know some really good ones, and a lot of them are here.
Lucky us!


Glad you liked the sculpture, it's a good one.
Also, I think you will very much like some of those blogs... there is some quality writing and really good thought out there.


You can't trick me. Start writing about anything and it will be worth the read; you are one of those good quality writers who make the subject interesting because of the way you write, your style... your perspective.
It's different, and it's very good.

Happy reading!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Ah, thank you SO much for the great award. How sweet! I'm shooting you a huge smile in response. :-)


Wanderlust Scarlett said...


You are so very welcome, it's always my pleasure to spend some time on your page; so I was glad to help dress it up!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

rel said...

Thank for the "you make me smile award."
If I can ever reach the status of Scarlett in bring uplifting comments as well as broad smiles to my readers then I will consider myself THERE!
I look forward to your visits (they're like warm fuzzies) and miss you when you're off making others feel good and don't have time to blog. The amount of blog reading and commenting you do boggles my mind.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


You're being silly, you are way past there! Ha!

I don't get around to visit nearly as often as I'd like to.
There are so many good blogs... and so little time.

Love your Paris reviews!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks for the award! :) I found it at last .... You are so kind.

Neil said...

Thanks a lot for the welcoming, Wanderlust ^^

sexy said...