Sunday, May 20, 2007

101 Things about Scarlett

1. Every single morning has the possibility to be the greatest day of your life, if you make it that way.

2. New friends are wonderful possibilities

3. Karma is a good thing, and it has different names for different people, but the concept of getting what you give is universal

4. I've raised my standards in every area of my life. Growth will do that to you.

5. I love sharing good things, no matter what they are

6. I love good poetry

7. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero

8. I love nature just a little bit more than I love a big city. Denver is perfect for me that way.

9. Love, honesty, compassion, grace, forgiveness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and good morals are imperative. They are also disappearing from the fabric of our society.

10. I LOVE kids and older folks. We can learn so much from them. It's that pesky stage in the middle when we think we know it all that turns out to be useless.

11. I love candles... they are all over my home. Consequently, it smells like I can really bake

12. I love driving with the car window open on a warm day with the wind in my hair and a good song on the radio that I can sing to. It's better if there is ice cream or lemonade in the cup holder.

13. I love laying on my back at night and looking at the heavens

14. I love it even more now that I've learned what the stars and planets are made of, how and why they move, how far away they are and how big they are

15. I love eating out

16. I am an A student - and it is not easy

17. I am not good at math

18. I am not mechanically minded

19. Super glue does not work on pumpkins when one has overestimated the carve

20. Necessity IS the mother of invention

21. I wish more of the youth today had a passion for the classic works that came before them, in print, film, invention and aspirations.

22. I like unusual things

23. I do not like insects, bugs or spiders. Any of these will get me standing on a chair in seconds

24. It is important to remember where we came from so that we can figure out where we are going

25. I don't like politics; I think politicians are all about money and not about people

26. I started praying for other bad drivers in traffic instead of cussing them out

27. I thought that I was 5' 7" until a few years ago when I argued with my Dr. and she proved to me that I am indeed 5' 5" and a half.

28. Family and friends tease me about my insecurities about my age

29. I lie about my age constantly and I am OK with that. No one else is.

30. I take time to smell flowers, watch sunsets, and smile at strangers

31. I love water. I only like sand if it's near water.

32. I am a night owl

33. I do my best, most of the time

34. I expect everyone else to do and give their best. I am frequently disappointed when they do not.

35. I admit it when I am wrong

36. I am very stubborn and usually a little late for everything

37. I love the ocean, and the mountains

38. I ice skate and roller skate

39. I build snowmen and make snowangels

40. I think family is one of our greatest blessings

41. I keep in contact with most of my family; even distant members

42. Holidays and birthdays are very important to me

43. I like parades and festivals

44. I paint my toe nails red, but I don't paint my fingernails at all

45. I have a large movie and music library

46. Unless it's an excellent film, I wait till it comes out on video

47. I always buy lemonade from any kid selling it

48. I love history and different cultures

49. I like many kinds of music and art

50. I want to fly an F-16 REALLY badly

51. I read 3-4 books at a time. Not intentionally, it just works out that way

52. I talk to the Lord every day

53. I love many different kinds of food

54. I do not drink alcohol, smoke or do any drugs

55. I take candle light- rose petal- bubble baths with tons of candles, good music and something to drink

56. I am an explorer, every chance I get

57. I love boats and sailing

58. I am a very aggressive driver. A friend once said that I am the only woman she knows who drives like a man.

59. I started writing a novel 13 years ago that I've not yet finished. One chapter to go.

60. I love concerts, plays, theatre, and Broadway

61. Burgundy is my favorite color... all the rest are second favs

62. I try to multi-task as often as possible

63. I am very capricious

64. I don't watch TV but I love movies

65. I love scuba diving but I will NOT dive in the open sea (no land around)

66. I love flying but I will NOT dive out of a plane

67. In my purse I keep a list of 25 things I want to do before I die

68. Half of the list is crossed off. I need to make a longer list.

69. I don't speak any foreign languages yet, but I am studying Spanish, Italian, French and Japanese

70. I don't like shopping

71. I love to paint and draw

72. I am a terrible cook... most of the time, but I am slowly getting better and my friends and family are good sports about letting me try food experiments out on them

73. I always read my fortune, but rarely eat the cookie (see the bottom of the main blog page for good info on fortune cookies)

74. I always pick up abandoned pennies on the ground - for luck

75. I wish on everything all the time... just in case...

76. I am a bona fide rainbow chaser... really!

77. I love to blow bubbles with the little plastic wand that comes in the bubble bottle

78. I love to play in bubbles that random people put in fountains

79. I am the local president of the Bubble Bandit Brigade

80. The Bubble Bandit Brigade has more chapters INTERNATIONALLY than I was aware of

81. I travel a LOT, but not always to places I want to be

82. I love to drive

83. I am rarely without a camera nearby... the bonus is when the camera actually has good batteries in it...

84. I want to work for National Geographic as a photojournalist someday

85. I am halfway through my private pilots license

86. I love to read and write

87. I am a red headed fireball guided by the grace and wisdom of God

88. Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate are staples of my life

89. Ice cream is also a staple of my life

90. I love ballet

91. I ballroom dance

92. I like reading dictionaries, encyclopedias and maps in addition to novels and just about anything else in print.

93. I am an oenophile - I LOVE to study wine

94. I am an amateur astronomer

95. I used to teach Sunday school, and I was the superintendent for a while. I love teaching.

96. My life is a study in irony... I always say that irony is the spice of my life.

97. I sing everywhere all the time, but mostly in the car and the shower

98. I love each season, but Fall is my favorite

99. I used to sing jazz and blues in some local clubs. I miss that.

100. My life has had some rough spots... they made me stronger.

101. I LOVE my life


the Laughorist said...

The list-of-101 concept reminds me of this quote by Blaise Pascal, one of my favorite quotations: "I would have made this letter shorter, but I lacked the time to do so." Or words pretty close to that. Now that probably comes off sound arch, but isn't meant to be. I like dictionaries too.

the grammaticist said...

...Correct that last comment to say "sounding" instead of "sound."

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


It doesn't sound arch at all, merely clever and honest; two qualities I admire in a person.

Thanks for coming by, and for writing it.


Renee said...

"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner."

-- Colette

I don't know who Colette is, but I'm convinced she's read your blogs. Thanks for helping me look around a bit more in life.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


You oftentimes see things that I do not, we balance each other well.. just like sisters and best friends should.

and I LOVE the Colette quip.
That's going up somewhere on the blog... if I can just... squeeze... it... in... to... uh... hmmm. I'll have to see where I can post it.

Love Scarlett

tjmm01 said...

Thanks for this post! I really needed it to help me look a little closer at my own life and make my own list. There were so many on yours that I thought - Hey I do that! Thanks again for making me smile today!

Cupcake Man said...

Thank you for this. I also read 3-4 books at a time! You're really great at sharing and I think that's what makes you a great blogger. I'm really bad at talking about me. I wish I was better at it. But halfway along the way I get bored and/or embarrassed. I think I'm better at showing. My blog is a mind show. I hope.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


There's another post here that you might like. Search for 50 pearls of friendship.

That one seemed to bring some light, direction and smiles to faces of web friends, too.
Glad you liked this one.


Where on earth have you BEEN? I need to come by and visit to see what you are up to.

Your blog is a mind roller coaster. It's one of my favorites, and I don't know if YOU know it, but I started this blog because of your blog. I found yours purely by coincidence, and enjoyed it so much that you inspired me to start this one... and the rest is wonderful history.

Thank you!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Cupcake Man said...

Dear Scarlett

I do know it indeed. You told me so 3.5 years ago - - (your comment) - and I have never forgotten it, though I was a bit shy to respond, not really seeing how it was possible - by which I mean to say I am incredibly honoured to have read those words and feel lucky to have played a small role in helping introduce the blogosphere to Ms Scarlett and her lion.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Small beginnings, yes? :)

S & V

Cupcake Man said...

For some reason your most reason posts won't let me comment. :(

So I thought I would meet you at the heart of Scarlett-ness, ie this post.

I've been horribly awol in the bloggalaxy but just made up for it 5 minutes ago with some ill-timed nonsense.

Your Cupid self-impalement from V-day is funny and touching. I guess even god/desses of love wouldn't mind being set up on a date!

I got my keyboard fingers back - and they work in spurts . Hope to see you soon!

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