Friday, January 11, 2008

Taking Care

There are no New Years' resolutions.

But there has been a promise that is late in being fulfilled, one which is being brought to fruition every day now, by me ~ bit by bit.

You know how people who care about you a little, or love you a lot, will smile when you say good-bye and they'll tell you:

"Take care..."

We say it to others, too. What we mean is, take good care of yourself. Because we care. They care. We all want the best for each other. But when others say it to us, do we do it? When we say it to others, are we practicing what we preach?

How many times have I answered, "I will..."

But I do not. I work a lot. I study a lot. I don't quite eat what I should, but I do eat what I shouldn't, sometimes. I could exercise more. I could rest and relax more. I could pray more. I could be kinder to myself, as kind as my friends and family who love me... who have requested of me to take good care of myself, as they would care for me, were we not parted.

I could learn more. Share more. Laugh and love and risk more. Go beyond the fuzzy boundaries that are my comfort zone... if I was outside of myself, if I was someone else watching over me, would I take better care of myself then? Of course. I take good care of other people.

I think of those people who have requested of me that I take good care of myself. They've asked that because they care about me and want me around as long as possible, as healthy and happy as possible. There are people who depend on me. I depend on myself a great deal, totally... in fact.

But I do not afford myself the care and consideration that I so wholeheartedly give to those whom I love.

And why not?

I don't know, but that makes little sense.
How can I give my best, if I am not functioning at my best? Where is the balance in that?

And so that promise that I have made... to take care of myself, is being fulfilled - not as a resolution, but as a lifestyle. And not for a year... or a few months.... a handful of weeks. No.

For all of my days.

Time flies, and those 'some days' and 'one of these days' and 'tomorrows' never ever get here.
It's important to start now. Right now.

Take good care of yourself.


Unknown said...

Words carry power and any way we wish each other well carries that power.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It's so much easier to take good care of others than ourselves.

I was raised to always put others first. Later I had children, who of course deserved to be put first.

Then they grew up, and I found that I was doing the others first thing with my husband.

Lately I've been trying to trick myself by pretending that I am my own best friend because we can't continue to give from an empty well.

Take care, Scarlett. Take good care.

Kay Cooke said...

I appreciate what you are saying - we say things a little too glibly sometimes. Now, I mean this - you take care, and good on you for taking care of yourself for those that care about you.

rel said...

Take care, it's how we express a fondness for another without being too maudlin.
I say take care when I've enjoyed these moments with you and hope that God and circumstances willing we can have other opportunities.
If I didn't enjoy our time together, I'd just say ...goodbye.
Take care,
Be the you you can be,

Anonymous said...

When you care for yourself you have so much more to give. It also leaves you with out resentment for if we constantly give to others and not to self it is only normal somewhere deep within we will feel unhappy with neglecting ourselves. So here here take care and so will l. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I often say "take care" at the end of my messages because that's really what I want the other person to do. I'm so glad you're going to take good care of yourself - it's important to do so - you're such a ray of light we all want you around for a long time.

Life has taught me that just as I need to say to others take care, I have to take care of myself too - if I don't how can I possibly expect others to take care of themselves or be in a fit enough state myself to even say that.

S. Kearney said...

A nice, inspirational piece Wanderlust! :-)

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Amen. Beautifully described. Absolutely acurate.

exskindiver said...

in fact we can love better when we take better care of ourselves.
thanks for the reminder.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Seventh Sister,

I wholeheartedly agree. Well said.


Most of us were raised that way, it's a pious idea, a humble idea, others before self... selflessness and self-sacrifice are wonderful qualities...
but at what cost?
I think it should be both, in equal amounts. Balance.

You take care too, dear lady.


New photo! Yay! You look great.

hee hee... no glib... got it.
We'll take care of ourselves and each other, with support and smiles.


You have a new photo too? New year new photo... hmmm. Nice one!
How wise and wonderful you are, I always love hearing from you.
Thank you sir!

Dear Cleo,

Yes! and AMEN!
It's tough to give when the well is dry, as hearts said, and neglect - as you point out - is the fastest way to dry up the well!


Say unto others as you would say unto yourself... and do, too.
Very good.
Life teaches endlessly, this is a good lesson to learn early on.

Nice new pic Vanilla.
Boy, I better rethink my avatar.


Thank you, glad you liked it.
Nice new picture.

Okay people. I get it... new pic... new year... new avatar...
but I LIKE the one I have.


I recognized you right away! (same avatar, thank you)....
and thanks for your kind words! I am glad you agree, I get all giddy when I'm right.

Happy New Year all!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Unknown said...

Not a bad idea. We should all take care. Happy New Year.

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Excellent post, Scarlett! And such a timely reminder at the start of a new year. I will also attempt to not just say the words, but put the power of positive energy behind those words when I do utter them...not just for whomever I'm saying it to, but for myself, as well. :-)


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

So true, so true. I most certainly hope this is a resolution you'll be keeping :)

Pearl said...

Indeed. Unless you take care of yourself, you are only pressing your unconscious worries onto others. Selfless is misunderstood to be route to burnout otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent point. It stopped me in my tracks this afternoon, because I too take too many risks with my health and happiness.

Jon M said...

True words, Scarlett. I'll take care! :-)
Can I take a bow as well? and 5?

somepinkflowers said...

i know exactly what you mean...

[[[ it is like you read my mine
with this posting ]]]


why do we put ourself LAST?
they teach you on the airplane--->
put that dropped-down air-mask
on yourself FIRST!

we should not wait for the plane
to go down
before we reach for our own air...

i am ~~taking care~~ now
and hope you are, too.

J said...

Very well said. I'm not sure where the concept comes from, that giving to others first will benefit them. Remember the instructions when you're flying, if the little oxygen masks come down? Fasten your own mask first, then anyone needing help, including your own child. That's so that you'll still be there to help them if they need it. So, if you want to put others first, you have to be there to do it...which means, putting yourself first sometimes as well.

Well, that was convoluted, wasn't it? ;)

molly said...

Wise words. I must remember to heed them. Take good care of yourself Scarlett!

The Passionate Palate said...

We all needed that post! I'm sure very few of us take care of ourselves as we should. Thank you for the gentle and beautiful reminder Scarlett.