Monday, March 30, 2009

Flying Off Into The Sunset

...and we are off!
Viaggiatore, Mr. Black and Scarlett are headed off to Paris, London, greater Scotland and New York.
Much love to you all, updates to come as opportunity allows.
Scarlett & Viaggiatore


molly said...

Take lots of pictures! And don't forget to keep a journal of your adventures......

Suburbia said...


(wishing you a safe journey)

S x

Pearl said...

Good idea. Maybe I'll do the same this year.

Have fun and sun and puns and runs and I'm done, 'hun.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Have a wonderful time!!! Remember, you are serving as the eyes and ears of those of us who can't go to those glorious places right now.

Most of all, come home safely.

J said...

Have a wonderful time, and enjoy the British chocolates!

Jon M said...

Have fun, wave as you fly over on your way to Scotland!

Unknown said...

yes - and you're back now - so where are the piccies!? :-)