Friday, August 15, 2008

Showers, Surprises and Suppositions

Did you ever say, "Rain, rain, go away and come again another day..."?
Well, today is the day that it's coming back. In buckets, thankfully. We needed it. The omniscient weather forecasters predict rain throughout the weekend; and if they are proved right, I will be delighted.

It feels like fall... just a sampling, of course, but enough that I can curl up under my favorite blanket (crocheted just for me by a sweet friend in just the color I love), and I can sip tea, read books and nap intermittently.

Doesn't that sound divine?

Oh yes, there will be homework and random household duties, but there will be indulgence all around and throughout it, and I can hardly wait.


I laughed so much I cried.
There are reports that Big Foot has been found. Dead. In Georgia (USA), of all places. Big Foot lived in Georgia all this time?! Who knew? The finders of this quarry will reveal his corpse today.

This is being reported on CNN no less...

I wonder what we have roaming around in the Rocky Mountains?


CNN has shown this Bigfoot find to be a hoax!
Steady yourself from the shock...


Sameera Ansari said...

Wow!Nothing better than to curl up with a nice book and some spicy snack and a cup of coffee and listen to the rain :)

Read about the Bigfoot thing,some people think they can get away with just anything!

somepinkflowers said...

i am not surprised
The Big Guy has been hanging out
in georgia!


i live in florida
so i can say this
lots of guys in georgia
look just like that furry one
hunting season...


in the rocky mounts
you have his western cousin
( you have to look for the spurs )

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hello Sameera!

It is one of my favorite things, but it's not quite at the top of the list...
I'm cooking some Italian chicken (olives/tomatoes/garlic/olive oil/basil/spices) and pasta to go with the fireplace.
All of this could still be improved upon in small ways.

I was told that it was a hoax... who knows. We are finding new species on the planet all the time, and losing others along the way.

Some Pink Flowers!

How very nice to see you! YAY!

Yes, I think you are right. I know a few guys who look just like that; he's probably one of their hunting buddies who got so drunk that he passed out and they put him in the freezer as a prank.

Sounds about right, yes?

Spurs... I am STILL laughing about that one; you have no idea how very close you are on that one... hee hee...

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Anonymous said...

I live on the seafront and have the extra treat of terrifying gales with thnder and whatnot roaring of the sea....

Bigfoot looks like a monkey suit... very odd.

Clowncar said...

Yes, all the rain is very nice - except it put the kabosh on our camping trip. Wah. And it's still raining!

Living as I do in the high desert, I refuse to complain. We need the water.

Plus, it's to wet to mow the lawn. Yay!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Georgia is not such a stretch for me. When I lived in the mountains of NC, I was visiting a creek in the woods when suddenly I heard thunderous giant footsteps coming closer. The trees began to shake violently, and yet I saw nothing.

Caution finally overcame curiosity and I left, but I have always wondered what manner of being was in the woods that day.

Kay Cooke said...

Sounds like you have a lovely time planned. That Big Foot item made me smile. I wonder if it will be the Loch Ness Monster next?

exskindiver said...

i found that news article mildly amusing too.
glad to hear you are are excited about going back to school.
happy almost fall.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I'm sure there are nice days to balance the gales... no? But on those very wet and wild days, you could stay indoors with a good book and internet, and you'll be fine.

Yes, it DOES look like a monkey suit, I wonder which costume shop is missing a Bigfoot outfit...


That's too bad about the trip; but you know that we have several more lovely weekends before it gets too cold to be up in the mountains.
Although... all the rain we got here was snow, higher up.
Snow in August. We're in Colorado alright.


Who knows, maybe it was him! North Carolina is close enough to Georgia that it could be.
Glad you got out when you did!

Dear Kay,

I hope so, I love the idea of Nessie. Then we have the abominable snowman... (why, exactly, is he abominable?) poor fellow.
Well, if they find Nessie, I'll be off to Scotland in a blink!

Hello Chesca!

Amusing, yes.
It's good to be back at school; but it's a bit of a tricky semester. We'll see how it goes.
It *is* almost fall!! Isn't it!
I am excited for that, too.
Very nice to see you here, I'll come over to visit directly...

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Suburbia said...

I must admit I'm jelious! Not of the rain, we have enough to float away on right now, butof how you see it and what you do in it :)

rel said...

Oh yes those rainy days and Sundays for nestling in and spoiling oneself with hot beverages and favorite writers are precious times to be savored.
It's been an odd summer here weather wise. Not too hot nor too cold. A little rain everyday. Sometimes thunder, lightening and , so far, one horrendous hail storm. No day is ever completely ruined.

Mais oui madame, I too am a collector of post cards. Who'd-a-thought?

J said...

Love the idea of rain and books and a blanket. It was about 100 here last week, and of course dry as a bone. Sigh.

I think that bigfoot guy looks like a guy I met once in Alaska...

Unknown said...

We have a local mystery in my part of England, it's called The Beast of Bodmin but I think the reports have been made by people with too mnay drugs on board and that the 'beast' is simply an overfed puss cat.

pee ess - I once saw a man with very big feet.

Anonymous said...

I watched these Georgia gents interviewed on the TV, and though very good liars, there was an occasional turning up of the corners of their mouths that gave them away.
Nonetheless, very good liars.

Unknown said...

The weather's gone all funny, I swear. It should be raining down in buckets here, instead the sun is shining and the temperatures are summery. I still feel the need for winter - and more rain - where has it gone - could you send some of yours my way?

As for what you have in the Rocky Mountains... do you really, really want to know...? ;-)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Oh Suburbia...

I do much more than that in the rain; I *love* rain; it's cleansing and it brings rainbows if one knows how to find them.


I am smiling to know that none of your days are ever ruined by weather; perhaps that is a bit of your good humor and positive perspective though, hmm?

Birds of a feather... yes? ;o)

Ah Jules... you have the sea, though, not far from you. I'd give anything to have the sea on the Kansas side of our state.
Hee hee...
I'm sure there are guys like that in Alaska; I've seen them as far south as Wyoming too. ha ha ha...

Hello Miss Minx!

I've never heard of this beast before... I'll have to go research him now and see what kind of mischief he gets into.
I think that this fellow in the deep freeze here is the guy you saw with the big feet. He's been getting around, it would seem.
Jules saw him in Alaska.

Hi Leslie!

Yes, you nailed it!
It was proven to be a hoax.
Oh well! It was funny while it was in the news.

Hello Vanilla!

Well, you could come up North of the equator and then you'd have fall and winter, if you want more.

I'm not totally sure I want to know everything that's roaming around in the Rockies.
I came across a mountain lion the last time I was up there. That was exciting.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore