Friday, March 14, 2008

Write about that!

What is the last thing you wrote?
~A comment on another blog

Was it any good?
~Of course it was, I always leave good comments

What’s the first thing you wrote and you still have?
~Really? Kindergarten work, I think. I still have the first journal that I ever wrote in, from the summer that I lost my grandmother, and when I reread it, it's like stepping back in time.

Write poetry? Yes!

Angst? Only when I was a teenager.

Favorite genre of writing? I love thinking on paper the best... start writing a thought and keep writing whatever crosses my mind, non~stop for as long as I can go at it. Very good exercise.

Most fun character you’ve ever created? Viaggiatore - paws down.

Most annoying character? Eh... I haven't created an annoying one, but my best villain is Vincent William Kilman. Nobody knows who he is yet, but he is wicked evil; couldn't believe someone like him came out of my head.

Best plot? The story that Vincent is in... it's a mystery/suspense/adventure/romance/comedy blend. Think "Jewel of the Nile" and "Romancing the Stone" ...gone techno and current, in Greece, Egypt and Vienna... intertwine past and present internal stories, throw in a missing princess, a 'chance' couple to fight the good fight and solve the mystery, a goofy sidekick for the hero, a supportive friend for the heroine, a wicked evil villain, memories of a tragic love story, a dangerous race against the clock and the bad guys and you just about got it.
...Good plot? Yes!

Write fan fiction? I have no idea.

Type or write? Both methods with both hands (although my left handed writing isn't quite as fast as my right handed writing). Which one? Depends on topic, moment and mood. Journals are written, thoughts are written, communication is mostly typed, but I do stop to write it by hand sometimes. It's nice to get something hand written in the mail.

Favorite thing you’ve written: Whatever touches other people's hearts, makes them smile and means something to them... or compels them to do right, whenever I can have an effect.

Do you show people your work? uh... yes... I blog. I also show good work to teachers, fellow students, friends and family. It's very important to look at it from a different perspective, whether I agree with that particular view or not. It opens my mind up more.

Did you ever write a novel? Two, actually.

Favorite setting for your characters? In my hands; not out of them.

How many writing projects are you working on? Ad Infinitus Continuum

Do you want to write for a living? Yes.

Why? To touch the hearts of humanity, to make a difference, to enlighten, to enjoy, to learn & grow, to laugh, to cry, to empower, to compel... to bring passion and peace, and to comfort.

Ever written anything in script or play form? Yes, once... a very long time ago. I'd forgotten till just now.

Five favorite words: ...A new day has begun... (note, these are not 5 single favorite words, they are 5 favorite words together, and together they mean possibility and opportunity for anything and everything... it means I've been gifted with one more day... what is better than that?)

Which character most resembles you? The lead in my second novel... Anna... she resembles me because she is me, and many, many other girls and women in the world.

Where do you get your ideas for other characters? If I knew that, I'd take up permanent residency there.

Ever write things based on your dreams? Yes! Mustn't forget those...

Do you favor happy endings, sad or cliff-hangers? Yes! Do you favor more than one kind of food for the body? I favor more than one kind of nourishment for the mind.

Ever written anything based on an artwork? Absolutely! As a writer, I am inspired by a great many things, not the least of which is the product of anothers inspiration.

Are you concerned with spelling and grammar as you write? Of course! I'm concerned with it when anyone writes, especially me! It's one of those pet peeves of mine... the fundamentals of the English language are going down the drain! While I'm not necessarily bothered by the people who speak incorrectly, the evidence of poor education producing poor language skills in their communication drives me right up the wall!

Ever write entirely in chatspeak? NO.

Entirely in L337? What?

Does music help? Good music helps everything, always.

Quote something you’ve written: please refer to any of the answers above.

Okay... I'm not tagging anyone, if you want to do this one, please feel free and do it, and then tell me so I can come read it!