Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wandering Into Medius Terra ~ Destination Eight

Viaggiatore and I have wandered away to one of our most favorite places on the globe. We'll be in this area for a few stops.

The Wandering game has really taken off! Michelle at Bleeding Espresso now has four points, HeartinSanFrancisco from Guilty With An Explanation and Rel from Under the Microscope are tied with 1 each and 2 steps behind the mask has made several concerted efforts, for which Viaggiatore and I are quite delighted. The owners of these three blogs, by the way, are excellent writers and photographers, all three, which is one of the myriad of reasons why Viaggiatore and I love them so much. It would be worth your time to wander off to their pages to read a little, and I'd bet you'll be so glad that you did.

Life is too short to lurk. If you are reading but not playing, you are missing out. Get in the game! We've got a whole world to see, and plenty of time for everyone to make their mark! We are racing for a wonderful prize, The Wanderer's Treasure Bag! It's very special, there is only one of them in the world and we are giving it away to the winner!

So come along then, and play with us! Don't miss out!

Now then...

Destination Eight~

Sometimes as land
Sometimes as sea
Survival played out
For the entertainment
Of Emperors

Best of luck!

Passport Stamps

"You see things, and you say, Why? But I see things that never were; and I say, Why not?"
~George Bernard Shaw
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Wandering High & Low ~ Destination Seven

My goodness! What a journey, and we've barely begun it!

If you haven't started playing this game, GET GOING & START! There's plenty of time! Here's the gist of it:

Viaggiatore and I are wandering around the world in the year 1893. Everyone, everything and every place we are visiting will have existed up to or in this year.

Everyone is competing for the Wanderer's Treasure Bag! See the first Wandering post for the wonderful surprises within it!

Michelle at Bleeding Espresso is hot on our tails! She has 3 points, Heart in SF and Rel from Under the Microscope have 1. Get in the game and see what you can come up with!

Viaggiatore and I saw the Black Prince's Ruby in the UK... now we've wandered just a little ways south, and UP!

Destination Seven ~

1. The high crossroads, as on the hinge of an oyster...

2. Titled to two yet governing itself

3. Three valleys granted by Charlemagne's charter

....and an extra hint, because this one is tricky...

~Near the mountainous home of a mountain of a dog...

Good luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wandering Westward ~ Destination Six

The game is afoot! Michelle of Bleeding Espresso has 2 points, Heart in SF has 1 and Rel from Under the Microscope also has 1! Very exciting thusfar!

Viaggiatore and I have left the Taj Mahal and have headed west! Please remember that we are wandering throughout the year 1893...

What in the world have we gone to see now?

Destination Six~

1. A ruby that isn't, for a king who never was

2. Lost and found,

3. Now displayed in Great State

Good luck!!


We are in Great Britain... what special thing have we gone to see?

Wandering Through India ~ Destination Five

The game is on! Michelle of Bleeding Espresso is currently in the lead with 2 points to her credit, and Heart in SF is right behind her with 1. Let's see what changes! If you haven't played yet, get in the game!

Viaggiatore and I are off again, to our last destination in India. We've made it a little more challenging this time... to find the clues, you have to complete the crossword puzzle. Once done, the words in the puzzle will lead to you our location!

Where in the world have Viaggiatore and I gone?


1. Devotion of heart

2. 3rd rock

3. Tribute


1. Amazement

2. Sleep

3. Harmony

4. Tomb

**A word of caution**

You must provide the location ~with~ all the words in the puzzle to win this point!

Good Luck!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wandering Photo Album

Wandering the world is getting exciting! The game continues...
The next destination will be up a little later today! Come back, read the clues and see if you can figure out where Viaggiatore and I have wandered off to now!
You must remember that we started in the year 1893....

A quick look back at where we've been so far:
We stopped to visit Jack London while he was in the Yukon looking for gold!
We headed north into Canada to see this wonder of transportation, the Featherstonaugh Car; the first electric automobile.
Sadly, this 1893 original was the first and last of its kind for a *very* long time.
We trekked to the Holy Cave of Amarnath
to see this: ice Shiva Lingam which waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon!
Then we visited Potala Palace, which is the true home of the Dalai Lama, although he hasn't lived there since 1959. It is an incredible place!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wandering In India - Destination Four

The sojourn continues, as Viaggiatore and I leave the Holy Cave of Amarnath and head off to our next destination. So far, the game is tied; HeartinSanFrancisco and Michelle of Bleeding Espresso have each gotten one point towards winning the Wanderer's Treasure Bag!

There are many stops along this journey, and many opportunities to win! Come and play!

Use the clues to discover where Viaggiatore and I have gone this time!

Destination Four~

1. Masterless monastic brothers abode

2. The Ocean Teachers true sanctuary

3. Nestled among a triumvirate of guardians

Where have we gone to now?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wandering Off To India ~ Destination Three

The game continues! Viaggiatore and I have left Canada and are now headed off to India! Use the clues to find out where we have gone, and earn a point towards winning the Wanderers Treasure Bag!

For more details on the game, take a quick peek at this post.

Destination Three:

1. Shravan has come and the sojourn begins

2. In lunar cadence does the rime wax and wane

3. Divergent paths through mountain and valley converge at the heights of heaven

...and an extra hint, because this one is tricky:

Shrine of the cold triumvirate, beyond the five rivers...

Good luck!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Esprit de Corps of Muses

It is Viaggiatore's 2nd birthday!


My goodness, has it been two years already? My how time flies.
Two years ago, Seamus offered up 48 lions for adoption; an act that made both the adopter and the lion, members of The Shameless Lions Writing Circle. So began a journey of friendship, writing and travel for Viaggiatore and I.

Viaggiatore is my muse, my inspiration, and always my delight. He has never failed to bring a genuinely happy smile to my face every time I see him. We have written quite a bit, traveled so many places and met several wonderful friends. Time is continually improving our bond, moment by moment.

He is, to me, the 10th Muse.

There were nine, originally, according to ancient Greek mythology. He's in the good company of these ladies:

Calliope: she is the muse of epic poetry, her emblem is the writing tablet.

Clio: is the muse of history, and her emblem is the scroll.

Erato: who is the muse of lyric poetry, symbolized by the cithara.

Euterpe: the muse of music (which is also the etymology of that word), and whose emblem is the aulos.

Melpomene: the muse of tragedy; she carries the tragic mask.

Polyhymnia: the muse of choral poetry, whose symbol is the veil.

Terpsichore: she is the muse of dance, and her emblem is the lyre.

Thalia: the muse of comedy who carries the comic mask.

Urania: the muse of astronomy, whose emblems are the globe and compass (she is our favorite of the nine, of course).