Saturday, June 16, 2007

Baby, Bye Bye

Minx is having a little writing contest for three Jack Vettriano paintings. My image on blogger is one of his works titled, "In thoughts of you". Minx called it my avatar... and it is, really, an incarnation of some of the inside of me. Some of his work truly stirs my soul and I connect with it on a deep level. That being said, I could not pass up the opportunity to write a poem about one of the paintings and enter the contest. Read through this, but then do pop over to The Inner Minx and see the other paintings and entries. Very good reading for wonderful art. This is my entry. The poem is titled after the painting. Thanx Minx!!

Baby, Bye Bye
Jack Vettriano

Baby, Bye Bye

As I find ways out of the night
Darkness fades into dim light
And so do you, my lover gone
Distance takes you far and long

Did you come and reach for me
In secret and in dire need
Urgent fire burned in haste
Blinded passion here misplaced

I held you close to make you feel
Like you were young and it was real
To taste hot lust and satisfy hunger
Prove prowess as when you were younger

Heated desire within your touch
Fast it pales and cools so much
Washed away your selfish torment
Passing with each empty moment

A tempest night you won’t regret
And miles that you’ll soon forget
You’ll justify the wrong to right
Black sin washed in dawn’s new light

In thoughts of her as you disappear
Of all the love and all the years
And all your life and promises,
For her, cold hands and lying kisses

And slowly though I turn at day
A trace of you will always stay
And I’ll go on, a new life found
And chance for me may still abound

Memories linger and shadows drift
But over time the ache will lift
And I will wonder if it was real
If we only touched or did we feel

Nothing really stays or lasts
So I’ll be strong and time will pass
Our roads will reach so far away
And never will there come a day

When your hand reaches out to mine
And suddenly we wake to find
That this was not a reverie;
Heart for her, and hands for me

One long last look, then turn and try
To let you go my Baby, Bye Bye

~ Wanderlust Scarlett


Jon M said...

I like this poem, I commented on it on Minx's site. S'good! :-)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Thanks Jon! That's very nice. I liked your piece too, so clever.

Thankfully, this is all fiction, from every angle.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

laden with tristesse, is that the right word? (OK, explain to me the Viaggiatore)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


It's laden with something, alright.

Let me pull up my soapbox here, to sit on, while I discuss the rest of this with you.

You want me to explain Viaggiatore?
I thought you were going to come to me with comments or questions on the Latin I left you with.

V. is my lion... a literary writing lion whom I've adopted from Shameless Words, and upon adoption, he and I became members of The Shameless Lions Writing Circle. 48 members. Based, of course, out of Lyon, France.
I wrote two in depth blogs about him which can be found on my side bar.
Viaggiatore is walking around on the beach (you can't miss him, he's huge and blue), if you look right outside the window at the top of my page, you'll run right into him. Don't worry, he doesn't eat people, he reads them. Now really, who couldn't use a lion when they write?

Very glad to see you come by, thank you good sir.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore