Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding Happy

Things have been a bit slow around here lately. 
*cue cricket*

Things have been a bit bumpy behind the blog. 

So Viaggiatore and I have determined to find our happy again.

We searched Google, which is a wonderful tool to find whatever one (or two) might be looking for.

We started with "image of serenity".  We found several images of a dark haired girl with a dagger. 


Last time I checked, serenity was the state or quality of being serene. 
Color us oh so full of doubt... but this just seems like the wrong path. 

The search has grown to include peace, harmony and balance, but mostly happy.

We found some good things.  Bubbles, water, sunshine, mountains, sea, coffee, chocolate, hugs, warm blankets, babies, giggles, new friends and old, lazy weekend mornings, red cars, hand holding, sunsets, cameras and good books. 

How about you? Where do you find these things? What makes you happy and brings you peace?