Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Excuses, Excuses!

"You is missed!" Jon told me. Thank you Jon. I have missed everyone here too. I've only been gone a week though! Or so... but in the blogosphere that is a LONG time. Isn't that funny? Sorry everyone.

Here are my excuses, choose whichever you like and use that for me.

1. I work 40 hours (+) a week (including this last weekend)
2. I am out of state two weekends a month
3. School has just started again and I am double majoring in photojournalism and aviation
4. Homework (yes, this does get it's own number)
5. I am writing a second novel
6. I have a nasty cold (way under the weather)
7. Taking class for work (aside from the double major)
8. I had out of town guests for 4 days
9. I hosted a birthday celebration for one of my best friends
10. In between all of this and trying to read the entire Harry Potter series in 2 weeks (now on book 5/Order of the Phoenix) I have only slept when I had a shot of Nyquil. I hadn't read any HP (or seen the movies) and when the last book came out some of my friends were horrified at my lack of upkeep and immediately loaned me the entire set to read and catch up. Now all the conversations about HP make sense.

So... buffet style excuses, please take what you like, share with others and leave what doesn't work for you.
I'll be back as soon as I can to visit. Meantime, please know that I MISS BEING HERE! And I will check in as often as possible.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore (who has kindly agreed to watch the place while I dash about)


heartinsanfrancisco said...

The only excuse missing is the one about the dog eating your computer.

Feel better and get back when you can, Scarlett. It sounds as if you have an overflowing plate already.

Irrelephant said...

It's funny, innit, how 'fast' time seems to run on these here internet tubes? But being that Take your time, catch your breath, definitely get back in the glow of health, and let your furry friend guard the gates until you can take the keys again. We'll wait. *s*

riseoutofme said...

And I thought I had a hectic schedule! I think I'll go lie down for a while!

Verilion said...

Wow you need a holiday!

Taffiny said...

Not to tempt you into feeling overwhelmed or anything. But seriously! Can you seriously be doing all of that? My goodness I hope you made some of that up.
I found getting up at 6:30 am today to be challenge enough, and there is the constant battle of keeping my eyelids open and locked in an upright position.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, gracious, great balls 'o fire! Take care of yourself.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ah... there you are - oh no, there you go again.

All those reasons seem completely reasonable to me - and I concur with Verilion - you need a holiday! :-)
Take care, Scarlett, remember to have some "me" time. And yeah, that's even though we miss you.

Big hug and be better soon.

Jon M said...

Yay Scarlett is back! Sorry to hear about your cold! You sound like a busy kind of bee. Photojournalism and aviation, that conjures some images! :-)

somepinkflowers said...

and aviation!

think of the stories you will write,
the photos you will take...

i am plum jealous.


have you scheduled in time for play
that lion needs some fun-time,
or he might get angry...

Diana said...

Oh good grief! Really? Really-really? This is what is going on in your life?

How is it that you are not barking, drooling, howling mad?

Anonymous said...

You have been missed. Wow, how do you pack all those things into your life. Sounds like you have mastered time management! Remember some you time.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Well, I don't own a dog just now, so that one wouldn't really work anyway. But not a bad excuse! I'll save it to borrow for later.


It does move fast, doesn't it? Viaggiatore has been prowling about, just waiting to travel... I'll have to indulge him soon. I'm working on getting healthy... chicken soup and orange juice and the like.
Can't stay away too long, I like it here too much.


Me too. Actually took the day off to lie down today.. needed to. Sweet dreams.


I quite agree. Perhaps over Thanksgiving....


Nope, didn't make any of it up. That's the deal. I get up at 6:30 every day to work out in the gym before I run off to make the most of the day. I think that's where I caught this nasty bug.
If you can't keep your eyelids open, then wear sunglasses... no one will know then.

Ally girl!

Yes, yes of course. Working on that. Thanks.


Thanks, I appreciate that. Actually, these things are me time. Well.. some of them. The reading, writing, studying, friends, going out of town... all of that is me time. In many small ways... soul feeding things. But I do need a real holiday soon.


I am a busy bee! In fact, I just got a couple of lovely photos of some that I will put up soon.
I kind of imagine myself to be a female version of an Indiana Jones photojournalist aviator. Sometime in the not too distant future... when I'm working for National Geographic.


I wouldn't mind a partner now and then... when I'm traipsing about the globe, care to come along?
This IS my fun... how exciting, how wonderful.

I can barely wait.

Dear Diana,

Yes, really.
The trick is to never focus on it all at once. Only focus on each thing as it comes to you, get it done, and then move your focus to the next. That keeps one from being spread too thin.


Well... time management is always something I am working on. I love to be busy, it keeps life interesting.
Me time... yes, yes. It slips in constantly here and there, I give it to myself in the long moments when I sip good tea, or gaze at a sunset, or hug a friend. There are so many bits of it to be found everywhere, if one but looks.

Thanks so much all,

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

sognatrice said...

If you need to borrow Luna for the "ate my computer" excuse, she says she's available...but I think a lion would be more convincing anyway ;)

Glad to hear all is well, if not insanely busy and slightly sniffly. It's good to be missed though, right?

exskindiver said...

well no wonder you've been quiet.
a busy life is usually an interesting life.

the blogosphere can wait.

The Passionate Palate said...

Whew! My dear your plate overflowith! At least you have HP for company. Last night I just finished Book 5 myself! It was my favorite so far. I'm holding off on the 6th until just before the movie is released. I have to pace myself on these delicious little (actually rather big) stories. Take it easy and feel better.

Vesper said...

You're excused, darling Scarlett! :-) I can totally relate to you!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Thanks for the Luna loan! Between her and the lions, that excuse just might work!

It is good to be missed, it made me smile.


Well... I do my best to make sure that busy and interesting do go hand in hand.
Can't stay away from here for too long though, I'd miss everyone too much!


Hey! You got a photo up! Looks great.
I finished book 5 and have seen all the movies except for Order of the Phoenix which was released this summer in theatres. I have that to watch, and book 6 to start, hopefully this week.
They've gotten better since the first one, I think. Usually it's the other way around, for the most part.


YAY! Birds of a feather, yes?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I see I'm not the only one who noticed "photojournalism and aviation" going together in your list. I like it best because it sounds like such a wonderful combination. National Geographic? That's perfect! Best wishes in your studies and in your career choice. Love it, love it, love it!

Dewey said...

Any one of those would be a great excuse. I hope you get some real sleep soon!

sarala said...

You are one busy lady.
I too read all the HP books in order which was not the first time for me. We have read most of them aloud to one of our two kids, the series began when our youngest was too young to appreciate it. It was quite a marathon but fun. I didn't post a lot while rereading either. I also listened to the final one on tape during my recent road trip. It makes for a great car companion.