Friday, June 26, 2009

Wandering High & Low ~ Destination Seven

My goodness! What a journey, and we've barely begun it!

If you haven't started playing this game, GET GOING & START! There's plenty of time! Here's the gist of it:

Viaggiatore and I are wandering around the world in the year 1893. Everyone, everything and every place we are visiting will have existed up to or in this year.

Everyone is competing for the Wanderer's Treasure Bag! See the first Wandering post for the wonderful surprises within it!

Michelle at Bleeding Espresso is hot on our tails! She has 3 points, Heart in SF and Rel from Under the Microscope have 1. Get in the game and see what you can come up with!

Viaggiatore and I saw the Black Prince's Ruby in the UK... now we've wandered just a little ways south, and UP!

Destination Seven ~

1. The high crossroads, as on the hinge of an oyster...

2. Titled to two yet governing itself

3. Three valleys granted by Charlemagne's charter

....and an extra hint, because this one is tricky...

~Near the mountainous home of a mountain of a dog...

Good luck!


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

You had me at dog!

The great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, that is, who is now traveling with us on the way to Andorra, granted a charter by Charlemagne for fighting against the Moors. Andorra has two "princes" in the President of France and Bishop of Urgell (Spain), but the Prime Minister of Andorra is truly the leader in this parliamentary representative democracy (what a mouthful!).

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Very nice work, Michelle! You got it! We are visiting the Principality of Andorra.

How in the world did you figure that out?
I thought these were tougher than that... hmm. ;o)
Great work Watson!


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

Charlemagne's charter was the big clue for me, through which I stumbled across Andorra but didn't look much further; then with the dog, I was thinking either Pyrenees or Burnese, and I thought, I read about Andorra, and bang--the one, two princes here before you. That's what I said now (love that song!).

I'm sure since it was a weekend people were away from their computers (lucky them) ;) Can't wait for more clues........

Remiman said...

Next set of clues we're going to diable your search engine. ;) Just for 24 hrs. A fair handicap?
Good job girl!! You are sharp.
We partied with high school grads on Sat. and with their parents on Sun.

Remiman said...


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

But...but...the clues were posted on Friday night and I didn't get around here till Sunday! Anyhoo, I promise to calm my fingers for the next set...let's make this fight for world fame (and the Wanderer's Treasure Bag) a good one ;)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Okay you two... all's fair in love, war and wandering.

A bit of healthy competition makes us reach further than we would without it there.

So good!! Keep at it!

The next one will be up this afternoon!!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore