Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On The Road Again!

Viaggiatore, Mr. Black and I are heading out onto the road again! We are going to visit Boston! I love Boston. I wish it was October instead of December... but it will be a delightful, albeit cold, visit.

We'll hit a couple of book stores, visit Boston Ballet, wander through little Italy in the North End, walk on the beach (weather permitting), check out China town, walk the Freedom Trail, enjoy an afternoon tea at the Taj, see the new exhibits at the Museum of Fine Art and the Isabella Gardner Museum as well as a few other surprises... and of course pay a visit to Cheers!

If you've been, what would you recommend we see and do?

1 comment:

Remiman said...

It looks like you've nailed down an extensive agenda! I'm sure you've include time to visit Harry over at the museum of science.
Have an absolutely wonderful time.
If, perchance, you pass near the Massachusetts General Hospital and it's ether dome; give a hat tip to William Thomas Green Morton for me.