Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Straight From The Heart

I was visiting my dear Cupcake Man and discovered that this friend had reached right down onto one of the soft quiet beaches shoring the deep oceans of my heart and discovered a lovely sea shell that he plucked up, put in his pocket and took back to his own shore.

He proudly displayed it by way of publishing it and there I discovered it, recognizing it right away but never  having seen it before. That familiar shell brought forth a sea spray of salt water from my heart to my eyes and the waves inside me swelled with a powerful current.

Here is the treasure he has taken from the dark and placed prominently in the light...

"Overboard I fell, overlong we dwelled. I was lifted up in the arms of that strong one, lifted up into his cape, too tired to thank the man, I spent a month harvesting his grapes. When he let me play with his children, when he let me sit at his table, I gained a position, small bit of dignity in the household a go to child when a salesperson dropped in from town. "Please sir sit down and let me pour you green tea." Please sir, I would think to myself, can you tell me what happens in town? I was thirteen and heard of the glass fountains in the main square, covered with lights in spring evenings." ~ Cupcake Man

It is his creation and it is my truth.

Isn't it surreal when we find ourselves in each other by mere whim or chance? Perhaps it isn't chance at all, perhaps it is not serendipity perhaps it is because we are all made of the same elements of everything in the universe and sometimes those elements rediscover grains of themselves when circumstance brings them near one another again & again.

Thank you, Cupcake Man, how very sweet this is.


Cupcake Man said...

:-) x :D

Serendipitous in so many ways.

You are something else.

Did you know I wrote that a month ago and had kept it in draft, because I wasn't sure why it was there. Didn't seem like it belonged to me.

I rediscovered it yesterday and thought 'well, someone might like this' and hit publish.

But you really need to thank Fabrizio de Andre - his songs ought to be translated for the whole world. - how to thank a man who died before you met him.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I am often heard to say that irony and serendipity are the spices of my life, and 'tis so true.

Very glad you posted it, thank you so much.

How to thank a man who died before you met him... hmm... I'm off to go read it!



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