Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Earl of Grey and the Chocolate Kiss

In my smile
In this moment
of bliss
eyes closed
a chocolate kiss
a kiss like
the warmth of
the Earl I
with cold hands
breathed in
with pleasure
lifted to parched tongue
they meet
the leaves of Grey
and the sin of the kiss
of chocolate
a blend of smooth
a marriage of this
creates the union of
the perfect kiss


c.s. said...

what a perfect and beautiful excuse for tea and choclate!

sognatrice said...

Ah, I can taste the bergamot dancing (waltzing?) with the sweet chocolate...yum!

Gorgeous, delicious poem :)

Anonymous said...

How deliciously delectable:0) l use to be such a coffee drinker then l switched to tea, l find it so soothing.

Taffiny said...

reminds me of how I like to let a caramel dissolve in my vanilla tea,
but with only sweet taste, not wonderful poetry does it fill me.

colleen said...

It melts in my mouth.

The Passionate Palate said...

I hope the passionate poetess has a satisfied palate now!

apprentice said...

Lovely mixture. I love just to smell bergamot leaves in the garden, but then you miss out on the chocolate.

You're a wonder, don't know how you pack it all in WS!

Vesper said...

Wow, Scarlett! Beautiful! I could taste it as I read it. Words, images, tastes, all go so smoothly together... Excellent!

Diana said...

Mmmmmmm. I'm finishing my third cuppa Earl, but no chocolate. Next time, I'll need to plan ahead.

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Wow, I've really never thought to pair chocolate and tea. Very interesting. I can almost taste the sultry mixture. I did see at the grocery store last night that a Belgian company called Newtree is now selling small boxes of chocolate advertised for their different pairings with wines. With names like Sexy, Blush, Vigor, Pleasure one is sorely tempted to buy them. :-)


thailandchani said...

Chocolate and tea.. yes.. that does sound like a very good combination! :)



Jon M said...

pssst...chocolate and guinness....yummy but very bad for the poundage! A nice cup of early grey shlurrrp!

Rachel said...

Fantastic bit of writing!

As a sensualist, this truely, deeply speaks to me.

Can I print this and save it in my favorite poems folder?

Minx said...

Warm the pot, I'm on me way.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


There need never be an excuse; chocolate and tea are reason enough by merit of their very existence. And coffee.


Mmmmm Bergamot.
Kind of like the sugar plum fairy somehow, yes?

Dear Cleo,

All of the above, yum... wonder if I could make chocolate flavored coffee with tea... hmm.


YUM! That sounds SO good! New treats... yay! And uh... that's pretty poetic, by the way.


It should. Wonderful things like that definitely should.


Well... maybe temporarily. For a few hours anyway. But then the sun will begin to set, and the air will cool a bit, and I will sit on the deck with my feet propped up on the chair and watch the clouds sail across the sky.
That calls for tea.


Aren't all the things we love better when put together? Try a hot bubble bath with baby oil, rose petals freshly pulled from a whole bouquet, candles all about the tub and some excellent soft music in the background... then sip some wine...
Yes. Sometimes things are better when they are all together.


So glad you enjoyed it, please feel free to come by and enjoy tea and chocolate with me anytime!


You have time to plan ahead now. 3rd cup huh? Good girl.
Have you tried Stash's double bergamot? Sheer paradise in a mug.


Sorely tempted? You avoided temptation? You mustn't do that!! You'll miss out!
Indulge, enjoy... savor every single bit of it... I doubt you will say afterward "I wish I hadn't done that"...

That's my PH test when I can't decide. Will I regret doing or not doing it? More often than not, I do it.


Welcome! It is a good combination, I hope you enjoy.
I'll come by to visit you in a minute...


AMEN sir!! That sounds absolutely divine! I'm not worried about poundage. I'd rather delight in the flavor.


Print if you like, and thank you!
Actually, this was a writing exercise in my English class. I wrote it in one minute. I liked it so much that I decided to post it, glad you enjoyed it!


I can hardly wait. I've got the bedroom all set up then, and will have tea and chocolate, naughty biscuits and wine all ready for you.

Ehm... for those who didn't read it, she had a party of sorts in her bedroom... there was a whole post about it. I think my list of bedroom guests hit somewhere around 15 or so, famous people from all ages who'd be invited to sit and visit and generally mill about talking and laughing in our respective bedrooms.
Maybe I'll delete that, it's not getting any better with the explanation.

See ya soon Minx!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

chiefbiscuit said...

Sounds divine. A good summer day's treat (I'm looking forward to ...) Ah! Spring. Here at last. (On our side of the world anyway.)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

A beautiful bit of tea and chocolate - lovely words, Scarlett! Yum!

Molly said...

lovely images of three of my favourite things, chocolate, tea and poetry!

Irrelephant said...

I love that the real Earl of Grey signs his name "Grey." Nothing fancy, nothing swish, just that ponderous monosyllable.

Cailleach said...

Earl Grey - so fragrant in it's own right - and chocolate? What a treat :)

Sometimes you need a bit of luxury...

Wilf said...

I would actually leave out the tea.

exskindiver said...

that is my absolute favorite combination!
(i just knew we click)
exchanged a couple of emails with Paulie K. (thanks to you)
i am now off to find his sopranos post.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


So glad you liked it, I'll be looking for spring and summer at your page as we fade into fall and winter. Yours will be my light in the short, dark, cold days.


Thanks for coming by to enjoy it!


I'm very happy to share it all, have as much as you like!


Does he? Didn't know that. Wonder if they all have, or if it's just the current Earl. Huh. Wonder also about Lady Grey... is she swish?


These are a daily treat. Wonderful little daily indulgences that do not hurt.


Just chocolate kisses huh? Did you know Hershey's makes chocolate hugs too? White chocolate with an almond in the middle. Yum!


Yes, clicking right away!
Paulie is lots of fun. Very smart. Both ends... actually... hee hee... but a great one for certain.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Marietta said...

Well written article.