Thursday, September 13, 2007

Falling In Love

It was with inspired anticipation throughout the comments on the last post, that the subject of seasonal change came about. Mother Nature is shedding her lovely raiment of summer... the myriad of greens and brilliant hues of deepest blue. In her own ladies time, she is carefully dressing in the warm tones of autumn. Jewels abound as leaves of garnet, ruby and amber dance in the trees and float through the air. Stars of diamond sparkle brilliantly across the dark night sky, and she begins to rise later and sleep earlier.

I love autumn.
I love everything about it.

Cool days
Fires in the fireplaces
The air outside that smells of wood burning in fireplaces
Turning leaves
Mugs of hot drinks
Cider simmering on the stove
Stew in a crockpot
Perfect weather
School days
Preparing for holidays
Harvest Moon
Winter constellations begin to return
Crunching through piles of leaves
Sweaters and scarves
First snow
Caramel Apples
Pumpkin patches
Cornfield mazes
Fog in the early morning
Rainy evenings
Driving through falling leaves

What do you love about it?


somepinkflowers said...

i feel left out...

i don't have ANY of that
here in Florida,
at least not yet...

usually i can tell it's autumn
when the Christmas decorations
go on display
in the local Target Department store...


i am just going to go back
and enjoy your photographs
and pretend that i know
what this season is all about
and then i am going to the beach...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Oh! SPF!

Don't feel left out! I'm sharing.

Our beach days (lakeside beaches) are coming to a close... maybe two more weeks at best.


Don't forget your sunblock and hat.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Irrelephant said...

We're just now feeling it here in Louisiana, Scarlett dear, and it's divine! The rain has come back, the evenings are just now starting to cool off, and I can feel the moment when wearing a leather jacket on the bike will be a treat, not suffering incarnate.

Rachel said...

I like all those things you listed! But to be honest, I dont love Autumn. In fact, Autumn makes me sad, for as the air cools and the sun fades, I begin to feel the chill, and I DREAD winter. I am highly susceptible to hypothermia, and I dont look forward to the back-cramping cold I always feel in Winter.

However wonderful autumn is--and i know it is!--I cant enjoy it because the coming cold depresses me.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeously enchanting photo's. Spring is here (although not quite), l do like the lightness it brings.

KC said...

I love Autumn! It's my favorite season. I suffer in the heat of summer and when Autumn comes with its crisp weather I feel like I can do anything! I know spring is the season of new beginnings, but I was an academic and for me Autumn was always the true beginning of the year. Your post made me remember all the things I love about American Autumn, which I miss so much! I can almost smell the apple cider simmering...

sognatrice said...

All of those things! Plus...


The Passionate Palate said...

Crunchy leaves!
Warming, hearty foods!

seventh sister said...

We usually don't get much autumn here in central TX but we have fall twice a year...once in October/November and once in March when the live oaks lose their leaves. I enjoy them both.

Wilf said...

Making the school guy for Bonfire Night. We make it look like someone different every year - this year I think it could Mrs Trundle, the headteacher and part-time assassin. Hang on, it was her last year. Never mind.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Funny, and here I set relish the resurrection that is Spring. Leaves are unfurling, blossoms are opening, bees are buzzing and the earth is filled with awakening and beginning.
Don't you just love the yin and yang of where you are and where I am :-)

Cailleach said...

Yes I get that AV - with you and with Chief Biscuit in NZ - it reminds me that although autumn is coming, spring will not be that far behind.
Things I love about autumn - lighting cozy fires to snuggle in front of.
Decent programmes back on the telly - like great documentaries about India.
Wearing more clothes and not sweating for a few months every time I step into the sunlight.
Wearing autumnal colours that actually suit me.
The shorter evenings drawing in, until it gets dark at 4.30pm.
Having dinner when it's dark outside.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

It is also my favorite season, esp. October: the light, my Mom's and wife's birthdays, the crisp air, the melancholy, the loss, the leaves, the fragrances, Ireland last October, my son's pending wedding. Just tonight, walking our dog, I smelled woodsmoke and smiled. Tnx.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I hate hot, sweaty weather so I welcome the chill of winter when I can wear comfortable, baggy, hooded sweatshirts. I must confess, however, that Chattanooga doesn't have the hard winters that many of you know ... we're closer to Florida than to Canada ... but I welcome the cooler weather of autumn and look toward my favorite season ... winter. As I told someone once, we can always add clothes when we're cold, but there's a limit to what we can take off when it's hot.

leslie said...

The quiet where the air conditioner used to be.

MyUtopia said...

*Check out my blog announcement.

eastcoastdweller said...

Mornings that are cool instead of sticky-hot ...

Pumpkin pies and apple cider ...

Asters blooming by the road-side ...

These are things that I love about autumn.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Scarlett, I tagged you for a writer’s meme. Bring a pencil and come on over to see if you want to play.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Those are wonderful things!
Think I better go visit friends and family in the south then.


I'm so sorry to hear it, hopefully this will be a wonderful one for you.


Spring? It sprung so far it wound up over there? Well please send it back this way after St. Patricks Day okay?


Ahh a lady after my own heart; those are wonderful things!
I always keep a pot of cider burning on the back of the stove, complete with slices of orange, sticks of cinnamon, cloves and spices... it makes the house smell SOOOO good, better than any candle, and it brings autumn deep within when enjoyed in a mug.
Sticky though.


Yes!! Birthdays especially! We are having a group birthday party among friends next week since there are so many late Sept/Oct birthdays -- you know, Valentines Day is 9 months before.... ;o)-


Oh absolutely! Great additions!

Seventh Sister,

Whahuh? Twice? WHAT?!!
I'm getting jipped. Who do I talk to about that?
But thanks for coming by and welcome!


Sacrificial burnings huh? Hee hee... well, if they must be done... for school and prolonging of good life.
I've had a couple of assassin teachers. I think it's a prerequisite.


So... do you have the yin? Or the yang?
Does that come with chopsticks?
Yes, I love it too... cycles. Everything is cycles. Circles.



Very cozy! I love all those things too. Chief biscuit was saying recently how glad she is that winter is over! And I just keep half-smiling and thinking, great; I'll go there when winter hits here.
Except for Christmas, there must be snow on Christmas.


Very nice list. Congratulations on your sons wedding! More fall birthdays... they are lovely.
Glad you are drinking it in... quaff... my friend, quaff the divine essence of it all.


That's very true... layering is a must in Colorado. In every season.
I do cherish sweater season though.
Curling up under a cozy blanket with a good book and a mug of hot liquid.


That's true! I'd never considered that. Huh! Good call!


I'll be watching the ticker regularly and stopping by to catch up on all the latest news and the big day! Best wishes and luck!


Those are very good things. Every one of them.
Thank you!


YAY! For the most part, I love being tagged with fun things, and I will be glad to do this one!
See you soon.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

J at said...

cool crisp mornings, warm, lazy feeling afternoons...

pumpkin pie, sweaters, colors on the trees...

holidays coming, trick or treat, cozy under the covers...

It's such a relief after the heat of summer. Autumn ROCKS!