Thursday, November 29, 2007


Let me preface this post with a brief reminder that I have been ear deep in school work and have had zero time for blogging, I miss it tremendously, and have been writing more than I've ever written in my life. I think I did the NaNo writing project through school in three weeks instead of here in four, and I was graded on it!

One of my papers was on whole brained thinking as opposed to predominantly left or right. When we focus on whole brained thinking, we experience SO much more. In explaining the benefits of examining what's beyond the obvious (developing and using the senses to experience and learn more), I considered the following example as a metaphor for realizing the benefit of learning about that which is outside of our familiar comfort zone.

The eggs are the variable... the eggs could be anything; material, emotional, moral... anything.

Eggs. Let's say someone doesn't like eggs at ALL. Hates them.
Doesn't want to learn about them or have anything to do with them, ever... absolutely no eggs.
Even though they don't like eggs, if they'd taken the time to learn about eggs, then they might have discovered that when eggs are mixed with flour and milk, the result is cake - and this person would have LOVED cake.
But our egg hater will never know about the cake, because they turned away from the initial/basic idea (the eggs), and consequently missed out on a million other great things.
No eggs = closed doors. One can't get very far if they close doors.

~A closing request:

Please look beyond your little world that you walk around in every day, the sphere of your reality that makes up your life... the people you know, your job, your church, your friends, your family and your comfort zones. That's where you live. Go outside of that and find all of the things you never knew you were missing out on.

Look up. Look farther. Look deeper into people, into yourself, into our world... experience more of it, through all of your senses. When you listen - really listen, to more than words, listen to the meaning and the origin of what is being shared with you, even if you disagree, listen. You could learn something. When you speak, be certain that what you say is what you mean, and that when you say it, it's understood clearly by those you say it to. Speak well. When you touch, when you feel the world around you, be careful but be curious - discover your environment in every way possible. When you smell and taste, take your time. Let the scents and flavors of life penetrate you to your core, enjoy them each time as if it were the last time.

There's so much more out there than we allow ourselves to reach.
Don't miss out on the cake. It might be the best part.


Shameless said...

Very good advice, Wanderlust. And I will remember the eggs/cake analogy! :-)

Diana said...

You hit it on the head. It's hard to break through set ideas but so worth it.

apprentice said...

I try to missus!


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Very wise words, Scarlett. The best thing about looking beyond the ordinary, the obvious, that which we are used to, is the remarkable and often joyous discoveries we make. Cake not just eggs!

exskindiver said...

i like this.
look beyond indeed.
why did i not read this 15 minutes sooner when a friend of mine stopped in to vent about something she was turned off about at her work...
i think i will copy and paste this to her.

sognatrice said...

So true.

And for the record, I love eggs *and* cake ;)

Keep writing lady!

colleen said...

Excellent! Having our cake and eggs and eating them too!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Nice analogy. Thanks for sharing it.

Dee said...

What an analogy, for such wise words.
Made me smile,the eggs and cake part...but so true.

Another analogy, is the jackfruit, thorny outside and succulent on the inside.

Molly said...

I've always heard that in order to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone---but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder!

The Passionate Palate said...

Scarlett dear, you need to publish an inspirational, spiritual book with this kind of writing. As Diana said, you hit it on the head. Lovely and important advice that I will take to heart. Thank you for the reminder.

Dewey said...

What a beautiful post. And definitely something we probably all need to be reminded now and then.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

This post made me smile because long ago, before I discovered how good poached eggs (and Benedict, Florentine, etc) are, I used to say, "The only way I like eggs is in a cake."

Looking beyond the obvious enriches our lives in every way. Thank you for the reminder, and it's very nice that you're back.

Lex said...

Great post and sage advice, indeed.

Pearl said...

Sounds sensible. Doors and minds and parachutes are all best when in the right order or open.

Cre8Tiva said...

i would love to know more about whole brain thinking...i have always said i was equal brained...both sides argue...and i took an online test recently that said i was 51% right/49% left...blessings, rebecca

riseoutofme said...

Hmmm ... cake ...

There are eggs in cake?????


Moving outside the comfort zone is ALWAYS a good thing, isn't it?

Timely reminder for me, thank you.

Alaleh said...

vive les oeufs!
are you studiing psychology?

Anonymous said...

l liked this a lot and it came at a great time. Thank you. l hope you are really well :)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Thank you, I hope it is, and I hope that everyone came away from it with a new perspective, or new ideas.


Amen sister! New ideas are what keep the world growing.


As we all should!


Discoveries are the best... even dark ones - they show us our true characters, our strengths, and help us stretch and grow into the people we hope we could be.


I'm very pleased that you like it, I hope that it was of some use to you!


I know! You use them a lot when you cook... ha ha ha... just kidding.
You are one who looks beyond the obvious every single day.


Really, how could we pass up having them and eating them too... isn't that the best part?


I do my best. Usually...!~


Very nice! I hadn't thought of that, but how right you are!


That's the rule... otherwise we wind up in a rut! Ruts are not good, for the record.


I quite agree. I do need to do that. As soon as school is out...
It's on the to do list!


Thank you!
And- I LOVE your new avatar, that's so great!


I've done that... said no for a while and then when I finally said yes I found out that I loved what I missing.
Glad you liked it, and glad to be back!


Thank you! Hope it does some good for you.


Parachutes.. definitely! Except, I was always sure that there is just not any reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


I will post about that soon. It was a good paper and a good presentation... hopefully people would get a bit out of that too.


Well, unless you use egg beaters... hee hee...

It's so good to stretch and grow.


It was a Psychology of Communication class, yes.
I think like this on a regular basis though... swimming around in the deep end...


Yay! Glad when the timing is right. I am well, now that school is done!
Best to you lady!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Magpie said...

Another version of the cake/egg story: