Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings

Good morning!

It is sunny and 83 degrees, every color around me is vibrant and beautiful, and there is a cool breeze dancing through the leaves on the tree by my deck. I am enjoying a tall orange juice and a mug of hot Tuscan Orange Spice tea from Celestial Seasonings, my all time favorite tea store and factory. Their tea boxes are adorned with deep and lovely sentiments and creative artwork. These teas are one of the staples of my life.

Breakfast - I've just gotten back from a lovely Sunday breakfast on the patio at Racine's restaurant in Denver. Very good company, great conversation, excellent food and service. It doesn't get better. Randy and Tim introduced me to Peg, who is just delightful and fun. She smiled and said she was expanding her friends... adding to those she has already. I'm glad that she is, we could all use more. I am a good friend. It's one of those things I take seriously... being a good friend. Isn't it strange how we share different parts of ourselves with different people? My friends are familiar with certain aspects of my life, but there are none who know all of it, and they each know different things. The exception to this rule is my sister, who is my best friend. She does know everything... almost, and yet she still loves me, so that's a comfort!

Music - I am listening to the Beatles on the new record player I bought... '..oh I believe in yesterday...' and of course I am singing along. There's a law about that somewhere. I was very excited to buy this record player... it's been such a long time since I heard my waxed music. I played nearly every record I own. It was seventies/eighties night at Scarlett's... I'm sure my neighbors were thrilled.... Music is good for our souls. It is an intangible release for the myriad of emotions within us. It takes us back to many firsts in our lives, and defines experiences and memories in a deeply comprehensive way. What song makes you think of your first love? What song takes you back to that special summer or the memory of that dear one who is no longer with us...? .....'There are places I remember, all my life though some have changed... some forever not for better... some have gone and some remain... all these places have their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall...' John and Paul were geniuses at capturing true sentiment and thought and then making it rhyme! sigh... true talent. Yes. Music bonds souls.

Dreams - I was visiting with someone recently who said, in a wistful way, that she'd always wanted to paint. And? You are waiting for what? You want to paint, pick up a brush and some paint and go do it! I also have wanted to express my creativity this way. So, I went to a discount store and bought some brushes, acrylic paints, canvas board, and some kind of brush cleaner that, as it turns out, I didn't need because acrylics wash out with soap and water GOD BLESS them! I sat down in my sunny kitchen on a beautiful day with some old jazz playing in the background, I wore an old Saturday shirt and some old jeans, got some paper and started painting. I like it, I'm going to keep doing it. Don't worry about what someone else might think - ever - creativity from within ourselves that is released for ourselves is never wrong (as long as it's morally ethical). Really, there is no such thing as bad art - it's not possible. It means different things to different people. It is the essence of that core which is within each of us that is made visible... tangible, in a way, to ourselves and others. You're not going to have an art exhibit... probably, so don't worry if it doesn't look like the Mona Lisa. Just do it and be happy. In the words of Meshach Taylor as 'Hollywood' from the 80's flick 'Mannequin'... "Create, honey, CRE-ATE!!"

Rain - It's been raining 'scattered showers' every afternoon in the Denver area, and it's very nice. It cools the afternoon off, waters everything and makes the green even greener, it saves the purchase of water from the city, cleans the air, it has a comforting sound, and I love the 'after the rain' smell. The real one, not the Glade one. It inspires me to pick up a book or a journal and curl up under a thin blanket to read/write/escape on some rainy day adventure. OR... go out and drive in it. There has to be rainy day music. I made a cd of rainy day music for just these occasions. It's really good.
Revel in what each day brings, be it rain or sun, for each is needed in it's own time and for it's own reasons. Change is good, it helps us grow... and like each blade of emerald grass that reaches ever upward for the warmth of the sun and the cleansing of the raindrops, we too must reach and yearn to become what we are not yet. To grow into that which we have not been before. The mighty oak begins as an acorn... and never stops. Neither should we. What far distances might we overcome, if only we'd step out of the shadows and fences and walls that we build around ourselves... and reach into the future.

Moon - I read a good blog recently that featured the moon. It was written by The Laughorist. I had this to say: ahhh La Luna. Interesting musings here... made me wonder about our orbital partner a bit. Second to Saturn, the moon is my favorite celestial object. It is mysterious and romantic. Dark and cold... illuminated and just barely out of reach. It embodies the soul of a woman, sometimes hidden, sometimes showing this side or that... and once in a while revealing herself fully.
I love the names of the regions on the near side of the moon. Aside from the names of great astronomers, the Latin names of Mare Insularum, Mare Imbrium, Mare Nubium, Mare Humorum, Mare Cognitum... and Oceanus Procellarum are quite captivating. I like the idea of a myriad of seas on a terrain that holds no water. My favorite, (followed by Tycho) is at the very top of the moon, somewhat off center towards the right... there is a place called Endymion. I love that. It's a wonderful poem (by rights I think it ought to have been called a small novel though) and I am happy to know that someone thought enough of it to make a place at the top of the moon it's namesake.

That is all for now... will post more soon.



Renee said...

Yes dear, I DO know more about you than anybody, and I love ALL of it. You are such a beautiful person. I think I would like to build a Scarlett museum filled with all the wonderful things in your heart - we would all get lost in it (I think I would live there). It would have to be the largest architectural piece ever created. Castle-style with several gardens, secret passages, and a HUGE ocean view. new project. I'll get back to you on it. I love you bigger than the sky sister.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Did I ever have a dearer, sweeter, truer friend than you? Oh no... not ever. God blessed me with the best sister ever. No say backs. HA!
Thank you for your kind words. You made me misty eyed.
You nailed this on the head though, I am all in for a big castle by the sea with all the perks... oooooh yes... let me know when you finish that... hmm?
I'll be right over... on one condition;

You do have to live there.

I could never spend even a day there without you.

enormous x's and o's