Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wonders from down under the Mason-Dixon line...

So I went to visit my sister in Arkansas for Easter... what a fabulous fun weekend visit. Much too short! Haven't seen her in way too long.
Everything they say about what lurks south of the mason dixon line is true... mostly...
Had turnips, greens, grits, sweet tea and CHURCH, awesome southern hospitality and a lot of laughs.
I wasn't off of the plane 1/2 an hour and the first thing she took me to do (after making sure the nieces and everyone got some baskin robbins ice cream) was head to a local little spot of a town where they showed me their latest news item: a Zonkey. I swear to pete... someone down there cross bred a zebra and donkey. I just looked at her and said... "I'm going to bite my tongue (in half) and not say any of the 'cross breeding south of the mason dixon line' jokes that are whirring in a blizzard through my mind - I just want to know one thing... where on earth did they get a zebra?"

He was a very friendly fellow. came running right up to the fence to play and be petted, and fed weeds. He was also interested in the ice cream, but we have to draw the line somewhere. I understood his disappointment. I'd rather have ice cream than weeds any day.
We went to the 'bottoms' and I saw cypress trees, those are pretty cool! They were growing all around the swamps and in the water. Did not see anything swimming or lurking in said water... so that was a bonus, as far as I am concerned...
We went 4 wheeling through the woods, climbed HUGE rocks, my littlest niece Kjirsten picked some purple flowers for me and then took a photo of me sniffing and enjoying them... I told my sister to get her a camera... she's a natural photographer. She gets that from me, of course.
Hee hee...

The Zonkey has striped legs and tummy, a horses head, but donkey ears, a zebra tail, hooves, mane and eyes, and who knows what side his smile came from, but he definitely has one. (Just not in this photo...) I couldn't resist taking several shots of this fellow. He is a local celebrity there, he actually made the 10 pm news. Isn't it great when they have good things on the news?

Have you ever seen anything so crazy? A Zonkey.
What will they come up with next? ...and, dare I ask?



Anonymous said...

A zonkey, huh? Well, I never....

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hi Ally!

Well I never either, so I took plenty of photos as evidence, otherwise, who on earth would believe me?

Besides... these are his 15 minutes of fame, and he's such a jaunty, charming little chap.
He should have a fan base of some kind, so I am helping.

Thanks for coming by!


Cupcake Man said...

I thoroughly enjoy this creature

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hi Mr. C!

Isn't he great? I enjoyed him very much too... I researched him a little more and found out that his name is Trouble... which I am sure is just perfectly apropos. He looks like trouble, doesn't he? That's my kind of zonkey.

Thanks for the visit!