Friday, June 8, 2007

7 X Mom

The license plate read "7 X Mom".

I was shocked. Scooped up my jaw and drove on by her minivan, the back of which was plastered in tell tale bumper stickers... honor roll, honor student, and various school mascot emblems.
Good thing they are smart kids. Who has seven kids these days? The FDA introduced the pill and everyone put a halt to huge families.

I pondered the ramifications.

7 x's labor and childbirth (OUCH!)
7 x's teething, potty training, baby sicknesses, sleepless nights, baby cargo (highchairs, carseats, strollers, playpens, walkers, etc. etc. etc....) doctor visits and shots... the logistics of mobility alone are staggering.
7 x's holidays & vacations (can you say KA-CHING)
7 x's clothes & shoes shopping
7 x's food prep and house cleaning
7 x's first days of school, school shopping, homework, sports, clubs, music and dance lessons, outings and parent teacher conferences.
7 x's drivers licences (OH MY GOSH... let's not even discuss insurance premiums then).
7 x's teenagers with raging hormones, attitudes and issues.... and their FRIENDS
7 x's graduations, colleges, and continuing education expenses

There are a couple of obvious benefits
7 x's tax deductions
7 x's (or 6...) built in babysitters, & help around the house, if you can get it).
7 x's the grandchildren (is this the payoff?)

I cannot begin to imagine 7. I have an uncle with 6 sons, and an aunt with 5 daughters. Still have no idea how they did it.

When is there sleep and rest? When is there one on one time with each child? When is there peace...? How many parents lay awake at night worrying about their kids... 7 x's over? How?

I hope it is wonderful for them, and I hope that it all works out really well. Maybe those honor roll kids will get scholarships and make the world a better place.

7 kids.



sognatrice said...

My P is the youngest of seven, God bless his saint of a mother ;)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hi Sognatrice!

Ah... the baby brother in an Italian family... of seven. Is he spoiled? hee hee...
...and yes indeed, God bless his mum.
Lovely to see you!

Dewey said...

Some of your suppositions might not be accurate, though. Maybe she had twins or triplets or quintuplets! Maybe she adopts and has never had labor. Etc.

I guess I can imagine 7 because my enormous Irish Catholic family is full of families of 7 or more, with one aunt actually giving birth 13 times. I have 62 first cousins! But having 7 myself would break me, I think, unless I were VERY wealthy with lots of live-in help and a very spacious house.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Dear Dewey,

62 cousins!! My goodness!
As far as adoption/multiple sets...
I hadn't thought of that at all!
Thank you for showing me another perspective... a different side of it.
I really appreciate that!