Thursday, June 7, 2007


Just finished my 4th painting (ever). I am calling this one "Tuscany". This is a menagerie of the geographical features of the region of Tuscany.
It is painted as though the viewer were looking out of a window (of course the window of an old villa or farmhouse, let's use our imaginations)... above ground (top of the painting) there are rolling green hills adorned with a field of red blossoms on the left and cypress trees on the right. At the top right corner, in the lightest area, a vine is growing (yes, grape vine... think vino), almost out of nowhere into the room we are looking out of. It is taking over, as vines tend to do. The vine also grows down into the lower part of the painting, which (if you back up just a bit) you will see is the sea... a very light shade of blue, almost baby blue. I know the sea isn't that color there, but work with me here. It's a metaphor. The vine connects to the plant life under the waves... which make up the line between the water and the hills... yes, those are waves. big ones. The trees' roots also go into the sea, and like the vine, they stretch and grow beyond their boundaries too.

The idea is that there are many parts of Tuscany that connect, to make a whole... to make one place, and it is all of these things that make it a place I would love to be in the resting years of my life. And on several visits before then... ;o)



Dewey said...

Oh! I love it!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

So glad that you do, it's an awfully lousy photograph of the painting, the actual colors are so much richer and more vibrant.
But... it's out there to be looked at!


PS - I LOVE Wuthering Heights, by the way. If I ever find Heathcliff... SIIIIIIIIGH... forgive the hopeless romantic.