Thursday, June 7, 2007

The silent killer... a battle with cancer

Shelley (at home in Rome) has recently posted a blog that must be seen, and it's message spread. What's the message?

Fatty ( (Elden) is a fellow blogger who has begun a battle to save his wife from cancer. One of the readers of his blog went to Shelley for advice and assistance in fulfilling a wish, a dream for Susan (Fatty's incredible wife, and mother of their 4 children). She's starting chemo now, and when she gets a break from it, she wants to go to Italy for a visit. She'll need one by the time that break comes, but it will be difficult for them to accomplish this. There are already several creative ideas and plans under way to help Fatty and Susan reach their destination. We have been asked to do what we can. I have pledged to support their efforts and spread the word about their story.

A couple of options from Shelley's blog are:

Here's how YOU can help:

1) Spread the word about this through emails and links back to this post or to Elden's posts.

2) Do you live in Italy? Have you traveled to Italy before? Even if not, can you think of a creative way you could contribute to making their trip a reality? Expats and non-expats alike are all welcome to pitch in! If you would be willing to share your knowledge, expertise or resources regarding Italy and a trip to Italy, please let me know via email (ahirswap AT gmail DOT com), mentioning what specifically you would be able to contribute. Creativity is best. For example...

If you're a tour guide in Italy, could you offer a free tour?
Know a creative way to help them save money on their trip?
Do you have anything useful you could donate to them that would be helpful during their trip? (A few leftover euros or bus tickets from a prior vacation, maps, guide books, a care package of things you think they could use on their vacation, etc. etc. etc.?)
Have a list of things they should see, with personal tips from your own experience? Personal restaurant recommendations?Let your imagination run wild!

3) You can purchase one of Elden and Twin Six's special-edition pink lemonade jerseys, available in men's and women's sizes. The profits from the jerseys will actually go three ways (as copied below from Elden's blog):

Treatment: Copays, deductibles, and possibly expenses for traveling for clinical trials. It all adds up.

LiveStrong: As I’ve recently mentioned, I’m now a big fan of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. They’ve helped us, and now I want to give back. When you buy a pink Fat Cyclist jersey, a third of the net goes to the LiveStrong foundation.

A Trip to Italy: When Susan’s ready to go, I’m taking her on a vacation to Italy. And if you buy a jersey, in a sense you’re taking her, too. Which is not to say that
you’re invited to come along.

Myself, I am buying some of the pink lemonade jerseys. I am sharing this effort with others, and I am referring back to Shelley's blog and Fatty's blog.

Please be a part of something truly good... pay it forward, and help make a dream come true.


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