Saturday, June 23, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Ok. I'm taking one for the team here. I needed to post something, but I am loathe to post junk or another God blessed meme. I've developed an allergy to them, methinks. So, this is officially not a meme.

It is therapy.

I had wonderful weekend plans with wonderful people. They crashed on Thursday night. SIGH.

So I have been pouting and sulking with my tea, and completely uninspired to write. Visited several friends blogs and got cheered up a bit (thanks all!) laughing at silly stuff that others posted. I even translated a Portuguese comment for Moon Topples. I was visiting Jon at Writing in a vacuum, as he posts '5 things what are good' every day, and I thought perhaps that would put some sunshine on my stoic pout. What did he have? Nothing... he asked his guests to list 5 things this time. I'm sure I've mentioned that irony is the spice of my life.
However, I thought it was a good idea... make me come up with 5 things what are good, while I'm in such a state. Count my blessings and quit being a grump. Except I think I ought to count much more than 5.

So here goes, please feel free to add some and we'll see how many wonderful things come out of it.

Viaggiatore, my lion (see the right panel, just over there)
IM'ing my sister (but not at this hour)
Little ones
Elton John singing to me from my computer
Tons of tea
A good workout
The paints that are waiting behind my computer for me to dabble in this weekend
The Robert Fulghum book by my side
I am surrounded by good gifts from dear friends
Good sleep ~ when I get it
I started writing something this week that I should have written a LONG time ago
The Vettriano paintings that are going 'round some of the blogs I visit (Minx/GoodThomas)
The art festival I am going to this weekend, now that my schedule is wide open.
My professor, who calls me almost every day to visit about nothing in particular (but not today)
The old antique maps on my 'desktop' and screen saver
Pasta salad
Camping & boating
Spicy Aztec cocoa (this means it has cayenne in it mmmmmm.... good)
Candles that smell like edible treats (and hence make my home smell like I really can cook)
The artwork I have up everywhere here (Van Gogh, Vettriano, Monet, DaVinci, Rembrandt, Dali, and the super coveted work of my mermaids & some various children)
The myriad of literature in every room of my home
Watching Casablanca again
Wandering through farmers markets
Toes in lake water on a hot day
Poolside in the shade
Soft pillows & warm blankets
Long sunny days
Freshly baked bread
My camera & all the opportunity that it holds
Hugs (real good ones)
Random conversations with strangers that reveal wonderful people
Genuine smiles
The Moon & heavens... so captivating for me
Rainy afternoons
Fireworks shows
Back rubs
Hot bubble baths
Traveling and exploring
Good poetry
Long walks
Weekend mornings
Friday at 5:02 pm
Rainbows (depending on where they land, yes Hearts? hee hee)
Bunny babies (so sweet Sognatrice!)
Opportunity that plops right down in your lap when you weren't expecting it
Comfort food (this is a whole topic on it's own, I can't get specific)

Viaggiatore says he likes to have his back scratched, ears rubbed, warm milk and watching sunsets on our beach.

OK ~ what did I miss?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore


sognatrice said...

Glad the bunnies made you smile! Not sure if you were around my place when I did a post called "little things can be big if you let them." Some simple pleasures there too :)

Remiman said...

Being reminded by a grump what a miraculous life we do inhabit!

Pearl said...

Good idea to rack up a list of the good. Helps didn't it? :)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


Thanks! I'm on my way to go check it out! See what I might have missed...


It is a miraculous life. I usually don't sweat the small stuff. Thanks!


It did. So did a restful night, and these perks from blog buddies!

OK - I am off to the festival to snap photos, eat ice cream and walk in the sun, I'll post some good ones when I get back. Viaggiatore will have to go incognito... don't know quite how the city officials will feel about him enjoying a stroll down the crowded sidewalks... hmm.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

colleen said...

I think we all would be quite amazed when we begin to make a list like this. It's a good remedy for all that ails.

I'm with you on the tea, but coffee too? You must really love your caffeine.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

There's a beach in Denver?

exskindiver said...

i know you said comfort food but chocolate cake does deserve a mention don't you think?
otherwise this list was good.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


I didn't even finish the list! There's so much that I left off of it, for the sake of space!

Well, all of these things are available without caffeine, but I prefer them with. I don't drink them simultaneously, it would be one or the other. YUMMY!

Dear Hearts,

There are lake beaches in Denver, and in the mountains to the west of Denver, but I like to travel A LOT and so I walk beaches that are washed by lakes, oceans, and rivers pretty often.
You are one who knows the soul-deep importance of doing that!


YES! Chocolate cake, chocolate ANYTHING gets it's very own category... good call!!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Dewey said...

Your list made me hungry! Ok, that's a lie -- I was already hungry, and your list has so many delicious things on it!

I didn't know you were in Denver. We're pretty close!

Renee said...

Looking at old photos of blasts from the past and memories...real tea in real (forbidden) china after everyone else is asleep (wash, dry, put away EXACTLY like it was)...9th street beach...2:00am visits from family...sharing everything...

J at said...

Those are some mighty nice things. :) I love a warm rain.

I'm allergic to memes right now, too. I am planning to do the one you tagged my for, but I haven't gotten to it yet...

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hi Dewey!

Well... the chocolate is the most important of the yummy things. Wouldn't you say? With tea as a close second...


Oh yes, yes and yes...!!
And hours long phone calls, and road trips to other states when I let you drive... OMG... and Easter visits with Zonkeys... and little black dogs that smile at you when you ask...
Love you sis!


Warm rain is very nice!
Meme allergies... Ha ha ha... yah.
I will keep my eyes peeled for your list!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

LAEvanesce said...

That's quite a list ^^ I would suggest "Singing" as an addition, though (I hope I didn't just miss it by mistake), as singing is rather enjoyable whether or not one happens to actually be good at it (in which case it's probably even more enjoyable ~_^).