Saturday, June 23, 2007

Walk Not This Way, Wanderer

"Walk not this way, wanderer."

"But this is the way I want to wander!"

"This way is a long and difficult journey. Once begun, there is no other way to go, no turning back. You could go back now and save yourself the effort."

I peered into the distance, to try to determine the length and nature of the journey.
"I cannot see the way very clearly, it is shrouded!"

"It is shrouded. It is enveloped in possibility and opportunity, but do not let that fool you, for the road is long, difficult and unpredictable."

"I can deal with difficulty and the unpredictable. I want to go. What will it be like?"

"There will be pain and tears intertwined with laughter and joy, and all of it will be bound with love. There will be hate and anger, sadness, desperation, hope, exhiliration, passion and fear, and that also will be rooted by love."

"What else will there be?"

"You will be uncertain, but you must make your own path. You can make it any way that you choose, when you are faced with a decision, you will be able to choose the roads that take you from it, but remember, while it is important to know from whence you came, it is also important to have a destination in mind, although the likelihood of you reaching your desired destination is improbable, you may get close to it. Every single step of your journey will be one of choice, and your final destination will be the result of all the paths you chose to take."

"What if I choose poorly?"

"You will choose poorly sometimes. You will make good choices as well when you learn how to do that."

"Will I be able to make it to the end?"

"You will have no choice, once you begin, you must go until you reach the end.

"Will I have to travel this road alone?"

"No, you will have the company of others along the way, but they will each come to you and each will leave, none will be with you from the beginning of the journey to the end, save me."

"You will be there?"

"I am everywhere, always."

"Will you help me?"

"I always help any who ask."

I looked as far into the mist as I could. The path disappeared into it.
"What is the name of this journey?" I asked quietly.

"It is called life."

"I want to go, this is the way I want to wander."

"Wanderer, will you not walk this way...?"

...and I took the first step of the journey of life.


colleen said...

Viaggiatore is a perfect lion for you. You are two of a kind. Is he on another journey. He doesn't stay put for long, not even on your sidebar.

Thanks for the hello and welcome!

Kat & Ecanus said...

Greetings Wanderer! Can I walk with you awhile and will you walk with me? Together we may make the road a little brighter, a little more full of laughter and understanding.

Vesper said...

So this is life... And writing also. But the other way, what is it Scarlett? Does it exist?

I thank you kindly for your appreciation for my story on The Little Minx. I thought your poem was very beautiful, heartbreaking but in a soft, quiet way.

Jon M said...

Hello, just wandering alongside you at the moment! Thanks for the 5 things! Hope they cheered you:-)

Remiman said...

And as the birth canal was exited the memory was already beginning to fade.

exskindiver said...

this has both a zen-like quality to it and a spiritual feel as well.

gautami tripathy said...

Most difficult journey of all!

Leola wishes you best of luck!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hi Colleen!

Yes, he was perfect for me, funny how things work out!
He has been regaling us with his tail (tale) of escape from deepest Africa to Lyon, France where he came into the care of Seamus. We are about ready for the next chapter in the story!

Kat & Ecanus,

Of course! We love company, please join us, we look forward to the journey together. It does make the road much better! ...and I guarantee laughs...


Who knows. I certainly don't! I'm still trying to get this one figured out! Ha ha...
You are a wonderful writer, and I was glad to be in such good company! Thanks for your kind words, they are appreciated!

Good morning Jon!

Glad to have you here, wander as long as you like. The lions can play along the way, as cats are wont to do.
The 5 things, mine or yours, cheer me every day. Thanks!


A very good ending to the beginning! Thank you for the addition. ;o)

Hi Chesca!

Wow... zen like... that's cool! Must've been the tea I was sipping on. I'll have to try that again!

Hello Gautami and Leola!

It IS the most difficult journey of all... I'm so glad we have friends to walk along the way with us! Glad to have you here!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

MyUtopia said...

What a great little post : ) The lion rocks!

Pearl said...

Better to wander forth bravely than gravely.

Jon M said...

Where have you wandered off to now? It's Tuesday! :-)

Starshine said...

Isn't it wonderful that we never walk alone?!

Love to you,


Renee said...

I will walk with you from a little past beginning and will stay until the end...wherever it may be. Our paths will be side by side and occasionally intertwined. I will keep you in sight and help where I can and you will do the same. I'll hold your hand and you'll hold mine, even if it's a stretch.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

My Utopia,

The lion does rock, I love him.


Wandering both ways makes for an interesting and character building journey. We could all use that!


I wandered quite a little way this time, but found my way back, and here I am! So glad to find you here too!


It is wonderful, it's the best.
And I wish you all the best on this, your very special and exciting week! It's so close! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it.


THAT is beautiful writing. You made me cry a little. I never want to know what the world would be like without you, my best friend.
We will always have each other to lean on, trust, love and laugh with, for all of our days.
...Although, admittedly, I wasn't so sure about that when we were kids... hee hee... but it wasn't too long before I figured it out.
enormous x's and o's sis.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore