Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Phoctober 9th.... Pheet and Phunny Phaces

Moon Topples photo game "Phoctober" has turned up some wonderful pictures all around, it's been very entertaining! Thanks for coming up with this, MT.

The life of the party! Custard filled cupcakes...

Self watering mushroom... verrrry fun...

And a poem about feet, inspired by a particular pair of feet that were dressed nicely in sparkly sandals and caught my attention the other day; I think we take our feet for granted too often.


To walk upon

and carry me

where my will

and way may take me

from the rise

to the fall

for each beat

of the heart which keeps

me alive

I step yet again

towards the moment

that I'll die

and I slip

them into cool water

and run

across hot sand

and revel in the cool blades

of the grass that cuts

the heat

that burns my feet

the toes

which balance

and point

and spread

and the heel

that steadies

and rocks

and holds

the body it carries

the heart and soul

thankless work

for foundation

for base

no gratitude found

in time or place

but on we go

with carefree thought

and shorn of woe

we trudge

and dance

and skip

and trip along

until the music ends

and so

the song slows

to a single note

then silenced

and resting there

in statuesque repose

are weary worn

the heels

and toes

that a lifetime

of miles have known

and finally have found

a stillness

when the body has



sognatrice said...

Adorable photos--you really can't beat a self-watering mushroom!

And excellent ode to feet, which usually only get complained about...that they hurt, ache, smell, or are just plain ugly. Poor things.

ally said...

toes which balance and point and spread and the heel that steadies

Those words remind of yoga classes and the wisdom of standing on your own two feet. Balanced and steady. Very nice poem.

Kat said...

Its about time feet had a decent poem. I've always been especially fond of mine, only thing on my body that has retained its size no matter what I've eaten. :>)

Jon M said...

Phew! That poem was ajourney in itself! Wonderful!

somepinkflowers said...

a *feet* poem!


you are so clever
you made
my toes curl...

Neil said...

The picture of the baby is adorable =p

The Passionate Palate said...

Whew, that was moving for me, especially after what I have just been through. Lovely.

Minx said...

Your Merkan fungi are a little scary but I can relate to feet. Mine are nestling in new boots - yummy.

Anonymous said...

Life of the party is so cute!
After reading your poem about feet l kind of have a new found respect for them. They are so under-rated.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Ciao Bella!

No... can't be beat, especially when it's hot outside!

Grazie, glad you liked it!


Kind of sounds like I'm talking about ballet there! Ha!
Yoga too... Nice metaphors!!!
Thank you!


Your feet are the same size?
I think my are shrinking a little.
ha ha ha...


Thank you sir, glad you made it to the end!


I made your toes curl? You made me giggle! Nice!


That's one of my nephews, he's a cutie!


Glad you got something out of it, I'm on my way over to visit your page and check on you.


New boots! Wonderful!
I love that. Fuzzy slippers are also good for snuggling feet in.


Thanks, he's a doll baby!
I think feet are underapprecaited, and the inspiration for this came from glancing at someone elses!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Bonnie Jacobs said...

You make me smile. Come see what I said about that: http://wordsfromawordsmith.blogspot.com/2007/10/you-make-me-smile-award.html

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


That's so very sweet, thank you so much!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore